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Gonna Be a Slow Week Y’all – Hailing Frequencies for 3/8/18

Hey folks, happy Thursday as I write this on a Monday! You may notice there weren’t any videos or streams this week. That’s because I had some dental surgery on Friday, 3/2, and talking stillllll isn’t the greatest, but hopefully it will be by next week. I was gonna write a bit more when I… Read More »

Hey Friends, It’s Been a While… – Hailing Frequencies for 2/2/18

Hello my friends, and welcome both to Friday and February! It’s been ages since I did one of these, but I have a VERY good excuse: I’ve been so busy that I’ve had little time/energy for writing these things. I mean, way busier than usual. It was a crazy big project that took two weeks… Read More »

Just the News – Hailing Frequencies Open for 7/21/17

Guys, I’m sorry, mentally I am so super wiped mentally and I need to save what brain power I have left for video recording later today, so today I’m just gonna post the news to close out the week. Here we go! Solar Settlers is out! Yay! Starpoint Gemini Warlords has new DLC coming called… Read More »

Hailing Frequencies Open – 5/31/17 – Where the Hellfire did May Go?

Hey folks, welcome to Wednesday! I am so silly tired today (this month has been bruuuutal), but I love doing these things, so here we go! :) Let’s start with last night’s podcast, which was really fun and different from what I expected. While we did indeed talk about Astrobase Command, we spent a LOT… Read More »

Hailing Frequencies Open – 5/23/17 – A Mini Update…

Hey friends, happy Podcast day! I am super excited to talk to the developer of Remnants of the Precursors tonight. My time with the game shows it being a true Master of Orion successor, and I totally hope to talk about why more folks try to copy Master of Orion 2 over the first game… Read More »

Hailing Frequencies Open – 3/20/17 – Weekend Update

This past weekend was great. On Friday I spent an hour or so returning to Drox Operative for the first time in a long time. The Drakk declared war on me, so I helped the nearby Lithosoid get a bit more powerful as they were also at war with the Drakk. They’ve since lost a… Read More »