Happy Hump Day! – Hailing Frequencies for 3/28/18

Kill, My Lovelies!

Hello my friends, and welcome to Wednesday! I gotta tell y’all, it’s been insane of late, so much so I had to cancel this past Sunday’s EVE Online because there was no way I was gonna be awake/cogent for it. I’d gone out to karaoke the evening before, and stayed out WAY later than I intended. It’d been too long since I’d done karaoke though, so it was worth it. We’ll be having something of a make-up session on next week’s podcast, though, wherein we’ll talk space MMO games while playing some EVE Online live. :)

I gotta tell y’all, though, this past weekend’s crazy schedule and lack of sleep/energy was PERFECT for this week’s game, the idle clicker/RTS mix that is Lazy Galaxy. In this game, you’re a human enslaved by an insanely evil yet supremely lazy race of super-intelligent alien octopi with the task of taking over the universe, one solar system at a time. This involves building up your base, through which you build and upgrade your space fleet, and take over a solar system one area at a time. These areas, be they planets or asteroid fields, have fleets and bosses defending them, so you’ll need a mix of upgraded ships — which you unlock through research — to take them out. It’s an interesting mix of clicker game (you click on asteroids to gain materials, and buildings to help power them) and idle game (buildings also gain minerals over time, whether you’re playing or not) along with real-time strategy game in combat (or not, your ships can pretty much handle themselves) that I’m finding pretty charming. I’m not sure about its replayability though, but it’s a decent enough time for $6.

Beyond that, I began playing Dragon Age: Origins for the first time. Over on Gamers with Jobs, they were talking about what an amazing game it is, and its Ultimate Edition was on sale for $5 on GOG, so I figured I’d give it a shot. HOLY CRAP it’s good you guys. I’ve only tried two race/class combos so far (an elvish fighter/archer and a human mage) and so far really like the elf archer. The mages are a bunch of jerks, so I really preferred the underdog nature of the Dalish, exiled elves who roam the lands as nomads. I’ve got about five hours in the game so far, and I am hooked. The conversation trees are just so engaging, the combat is fun, the writing is amazing, and the voice acting is wonderful. I’m also really enjoying its world, as it’s not something based on some other property, so it feels both familiar and unique. Between this and Total War: Warhammer II, I might not play anything else for a while. :)

Tomorrow for the LAN Party, we’ll be playing RiftStar Raiders, which so far has been a good time. I’ve only dabbled with it solo, so it should be fun in co-op. Last week we played Small World 2, which was a shocking amount of fun. We were GONNA play another game, but that game apparently needed three people. Since we only had two, Spaz was nice enough to gift me Small World 2, which is a mix of Risk and worker placement, of a sort. It didn’t take me too long to get the hang of it, and once I did, I totally wanted to put it back on the calendar for more.

Anyway, enough about me, you’re here for news, and there is a LOT, so let’s hit it!

Finally, in deals, Steam’s Weeklong Deals have tons of space games (and games in general, over 1,300 for chrissakes). Also, GOG is having a big Interplay Promo, which of course includes one of the finest space games of all time, Freespace 2, among others, of course.

That’s it for today folks! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Author: Brian Rubin

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