What’s Coming Up This Week (12/11/17)

Welcome to another week of great space gaming, my friends! This week we only have one series of videos, because my brain is just dead from so much work, so I only had so much energy. This week we’ll battle through the almost-overwhelming six-degrees-of-freedom space shooter, Disputed Space. This week on the podcast (Tuesday, 5:30 […]

What’s Coming Up this Week (12/4/17)

Hey friends, welcome to another week of spacey gaming! This week, with no new games to take my attention, we’re gonna go back to 1990 with SSI’s digital adaptation of the FASA board game, Renegade Legion: Interceptor, the precursor to 1995’s far-less-good Renegade: Battle for Jacob’s Star. I also have a video up today of […]

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