Hailing Frequencies Open – 3/20/17 – Weekend Update


This past weekend was great. On Friday I spent an hour or so returning to Drox Operative for the first time in a long time. The Drakk declared war on me, so I helped the nearby Lithosoid get a bit more powerful as they were also at war with the Drakk. They’ve since lost a few colonies thanks to yours truly. FUCK I love this game.

Saturday I spent some more time with Drox, along with some Titanfall 2. Titanfall 2 made me cry tears of both grief and joy. There’s a moment where you have a smart pistol with homing bullets, and I’ve rarely felt more likely a badass in ANY game. I ragequit though, after losing the same boss battle three times. I’ll read some tips and then try again, as this is just too good, and I’m far too invested, to abandon it. I then spent some time with Dead Effect 2, since I still wanted some shooty action, but nothing as emotionally investing. I am having so much fun with DE2’s gunplay it’s ridic. It’s also perfect for short matches.

Sunday I spent time with this week’s Game of the Week, Star Merchant. I really enjoyed it, as you’ll see in the videos! I also spent a bunch of time with the upcoming 4X, Children of the Galaxy, which I enjoyed, and finally beat that one damned mission in TIE Fighter, yay! I then rounded out the weekend with a bit more Dead Effect 2. Such a fun little game. I do plan to dive back into Titanfall 2 tonight to hopefully finish that last boss battle.

In newsy newsness, the folks behind Kerbal Space Program announced a massive new expansion pack called Making History, which might even get ME to play Kerbal. ;) I got nothing against KSP, it’s an amazing achievement, I’m just terrible at and have no patience for building ships. This expansion looks to cover that! ;) The big update for Starpoint Gemini Warlords also dropped, and it looks GREAT! Can’t wait to dive back in.

I’m also super looking forward to our flight sim podcast this week. Flight sims are my other big gaming love. What brought me out to Los Angeles is getting a job as a gaming journalist covering flight sims, and I’ve been a fan since the 80s, so this is gonna be so much fun.

That should do it for today! Have a great one y’all!

Author: Brian Rubin

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