SGJ Podcast #29: Cap Ships and the Heroes (and Villains) Who Love Them…

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5 Responses

  1. MattTheLegoman says:

    I do believe you forgot Star Trek: Tactical Assault in your list (Which was my favourite game before Star Villains and Space Heroes).

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hi Matt, and welcome! I’m sorry, but I’d honestly never heard of that game until you mentioned it. I wonder if it’s available for the Vita…

    • Alex Catamo says:

      Oooh I have heard of that. It always looked really fun but I never had a PSP or DS. And Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying SVSH :)

  2. Toanstation says:

    Jim, the amusing part about your approach to Attack Vector is that Ken Burnside (AVT’s designer) did work on Star Fleet Battles. AVT is definitely a piece of work. It’s not to my tastes, but I can appreciate it. A friend of mine aptly described it as being a difficulty 11 game that plays as a difficulty 6 by virtue of its play aids.

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