SGJ Podcast #29: Cap Ships and the Heroes (and Villains) Who Love Them…

Bring All Guns to Bear!
Bring All Guns to Bear!

Helllooo friends, and welcome to another Space Game Junkie Podcast! This week, Jim and I sit down with Chris Adderley and Alex Catamo, the lead developers on Star Villains and Space HeroesIf you’re unaware, Star Villains and Space Heroes isn’t another fighter-based space game (though we all do love those), but rather a game of capital ship combat, something that even this genre is fairly rare (sadly). We talk to Chris and Alex all about their game, plus a bunch of other stuff, as is our usual. :)

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Episode #29 Show Notes

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Author: Brian Rubin

5 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #29: Cap Ships and the Heroes (and Villains) Who Love Them…

  1. I do believe you forgot Star Trek: Tactical Assault in your list (Which was my favourite game before Star Villains and Space Heroes).

    1. Hi Matt, and welcome! I’m sorry, but I’d honestly never heard of that game until you mentioned it. I wonder if it’s available for the Vita…

    2. Oooh I have heard of that. It always looked really fun but I never had a PSP or DS. And Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying SVSH :)

  2. Jim, the amusing part about your approach to Attack Vector is that Ken Burnside (AVT’s designer) did work on Star Fleet Battles. AVT is definitely a piece of work. It’s not to my tastes, but I can appreciate it. A friend of mine aptly described it as being a difficulty 11 game that plays as a difficulty 6 by virtue of its play aids.

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