KerbalEdu Educational Program Moving to The Launchpad

Kerbal in the Klassroom? ;)
Kerbal in the Klassroom? ;)

PCGamesN has the story of TeacherGaming — which already has a Minecraft-based educational program — teaming up with Kerbal Space Program developer Squad to put together an educational program based on the game. The program will offer educational discounts for schools purchasing the game, as well as an in-house launcher and update program to tweak the game more for its proposed classroom settings. Personally, I think this is an awesome idea and am wondering why it’s not been done sooner. :) You can read more at the article linked to on the PCGamesN website, and this reminds me I need to revisit the game now that it has something of a career mode thanks to its recent update.

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “KerbalEdu Educational Program Moving to The Launchpad

  1. THAT! That is exactly the kind of educational program I want my kid involved. Although I am going to be heartbroken when he can get to the Mun and back more efficiently than I can.

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