Spacey Gamey News and Deals 8/10/13-9/3/13: A News Post So Big I Hope It Doesn’t Break the Site…

Help Me Puppy! I'm Burred in News!
Help Me Puppy! I’m Burred in News!

Holy crap, newsiness! It’s been a while since I posted some of this stuff, but DAAAAAYUM has life been crazy. Work has been INSANE, home life has been busy and I had a weird slightly-depressive funk I had to work my way through (nothing bad, just turning 40 stuff mostly), but things are balancing out again, which means it’s time for NEWS, and hooooooly crap is there a ton (over 180 items). Several weeks worth of stuff from all over the map (so much so that this post will likely be written over a mult-day period). This post will be so damned big I’ll have to put it behind a cut just to help make the front page look sane, so here goes…

Please note, all videos will be embedded below after the news pieces themselves.

In deals we have a bunch. First, the daily deal on Steam is Galactic Civilizations II for $4.99. Arcen Games is also having a Labor Day Sale in their store which appears to include all of their games including the AI War series. The latest Indie Royale bundle has now added Aeon Command for a little over $4 for all of its games. If you’re a Mac gamer, you can get X3: Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude in the Back to School Gamer Bundle for whatever price you want, apparently.

Finally, in related news, Hardware: Shipbreakers is now Homeworld: Shipbreakers thanks to Gearbox loaning out the IP. Next, the Endless Space folks are working on a 4X fantasy game called Endless Legend. Indie developers can now submit their games directly to GOG from the site, and GOG will actually give them a small advance to help with development, which is mega awesome. Finally finally, the Kerberos folks are planning a new Sword of the Stars spinoff, this time called Ground Pounders, according to Blue’s. It looks a lot like Panzer General, in a very good way.

OMG THAT’S IT! Thanks for reading guys, and enjoy! I’m gonna go take a nap!

Author: Brian Rubin

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      1. I was trying to be funny, but guess not :( I definitely need to check out the open-IG project! I never actually beat it, because I progressed too slow in the story, and by the time the whole map opened up, garthogs has already occupied everything.

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