Spacey Gamey Dealsies 9/10-11/13: The Apology Edition

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  1. zeraan says:

    I grabbed Ring Runner because I loved Continuum, and I’m currently playing through the single player, it’s hilarious so far :) Perhaps we spacegamejunkies could hook up one night and play a game of ring runner multiplayer?

  2. Captain Kal says:

    I remember “Space Rangers”. Short lived (four or six episodes I think). The used a catapult, to launch a ship into space (or for FTL travel). As for the game the English translation is complete. (

    • Grave says:

      Still with terrible English as always, here’s hoping someone kind enough to fix it someday (there was someone who kind enough to fix the English in SR2Reboot but only partial) :P

      Also mandatory BREAKING NEWS:

      • Brian Rubin says:


      • Stormwaltz says:

        Yeesh. I see capital ship tactics in Elite have regressed to a pre-Napoleonic state; “Move 100 meters away from the enemy, cut all velocity, and sit there trading broadsides until one of you blows up.”

        That was severely uninspiring, and hopefully not indicative of the final gameplay. :(

        • zeraan says:

          Probably one of them warped in right next to the other one? Since I can’t hear the beginning’s audio (deaf), I don’t know what they said about the fight, so that’s my assumption. Obviously they could go long range, but I guess for video’s purposes, it is for eye-candy :)

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