Spacey Gamey Dealsies 9/10-11/13: The Apology Edition

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Hey folks, happy Wednesday! I hope y’all are having a great week so far! On my end, I am tiiiiiiiiiired, so tired I’ve not even felt motivated enough to…*gasp*…play games! I hope that changes soon, but until then, the best I can do is keep y’all informed with newsiness, so here goes! :)

  • Paragon – Okay, first off, I need to make a public correction and apology. A few days ago, I called this game out for giving me the “mistaken impression it’s a new game.” The game’s developer wrote me an explanatory email discussing what was going into Paragon to make it “different from Pioneer in practically every way” by the time it’s done, that two of the Pioneer devs also currently work on Paragon and so forth and that they intend the game to be initially free through Steam via Greenlight. I would therefore like to publicly apologize for my previous remarks, and I look forward to seeing the game evolve into something new and unique in time. I try to maintain a positive attitude here, and in this I failed, so again, I apologize.
  • Enemy Starfighter – The official site has a new dev blog looking at the lessons learned from PAX while using the Oculus Rift. The Escapist also has a lovely little writeup on the game with some screens I don’t recall seeing before. We’ll also have the developer on our next podcast, so stay tuned! :)
  • Drox Operative – The latest patch is out of beta, and adds new quest rewards, fixes a lot of little bugs and so on.
  • Star Citizen – You can read some in-game fiction called A Struggle for Goodness, as well as a press roundup covering the game at PAX Prime. They also have some coverage of their forums, which has undergone an overhaul, as well as an interview with Kyle Rockman, tools programmer on the game.
  • Kerbal Space Program – The latest edition of the KSP weekly has been released with lots of updatey goodness.
  • Galactose – A new blog post discusses drone AI in the game.
  • EVE Valkyrie – According to The Mittani, CCP has hired DICE veteran Owen O’Brien to head development of the upcoming VR game.
  • EVE Online – The Mittani also has article covering the fall of TGA as well as an in-depth look at SOLAR Fleet.
  • Wing Commander – According to the CIC, there’s a new trailer for the Last Line of Defense mod as well as a fan-created Kilrathi keyboard, which is just awesome.
  • Star Trek Online – There’s a new dev blog looking at Romulan Tactical Warbirds, which are just so damned sexy it’s ridiculous.
  • Predestination – A recent update announced that the first playable beta of the game will be available soon, and it’ll focus on combat! Yay!
  • SkyjackerMilestone R2 of the Starship Constructor is finished and released to backers (yay!), and their Facebook page has some screenshots of their sexy new UI.
  • Eterium – The official site has been updated with a screenshot of a large escort mission in progress. Yay, escort missions! ;)
  • Drifter – There’s a little Vine video of the main ship’s afterburners in action.
  • Star Conflict – A new dev blog talking about the upcoming implementation of corporate logos has been posted.
  • Astrobase Command – There’s a new blog post talking about how the game’s progressing, including ranks, crew quarters and so on.

Next up, we have two deals today. First, GOG’s daily sale is Ring Runner for $4.99, which is a steal for how much content this game has and how fun the gameplay is (yes, I’m still working on the review ;). The other deal is that the latest Humble Bundle has launched, and for currently a little less than $5, you can get FTL and several other, non-spacey games.

Finally, I thought this was funny. One of the websites I follow is, and when they had an announcement on a new DVD set for a show called Space Rangers, I totally did a triple-take. Sadly, it has nothing to do with the much-beloved Russian game of the same name, but it looks interesting nonetheless.

That’s it for today folks! Have an awesome one!

Author: Brian Rubin

9 thoughts on “Spacey Gamey Dealsies 9/10-11/13: The Apology Edition

  1. I grabbed Ring Runner because I loved Continuum, and I’m currently playing through the single player, it’s hilarious so far :) Perhaps we spacegamejunkies could hook up one night and play a game of ring runner multiplayer?

      1. For strategy games, yes… But this is an action game…

        (Not sure if the image linking works, crossing fingers as I can’t edit it after posting…)

  2. I remember “Space Rangers”. Short lived (four or six episodes I think). The used a catapult, to launch a ship into space (or for FTL travel). As for the game the English translation is complete. (

    1. Still with terrible English as always, here’s hoping someone kind enough to fix it someday (there was someone who kind enough to fix the English in SR2Reboot but only partial) :P

      Also mandatory BREAKING NEWS:

      1. Yeesh. I see capital ship tactics in Elite have regressed to a pre-Napoleonic state; “Move 100 meters away from the enemy, cut all velocity, and sit there trading broadsides until one of you blows up.”

        That was severely uninspiring, and hopefully not indicative of the final gameplay. :(

        1. Probably one of them warped in right next to the other one? Since I can’t hear the beginning’s audio (deaf), I don’t know what they said about the fight, so that’s my assumption. Obviously they could go long range, but I guess for video’s purposes, it is for eye-candy :)

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