Hailing Frequencies Open – 5/23/17 – A Mini Update…

Fucking. Pirates.

Hey friends, happy Podcast day! I am super excited to talk to the developer of Remnants of the Precursors tonight. My time with the game shows it being a true Master of Orion successor, and I totally hope to talk about why more folks try to copy Master of Orion 2 over the first game (which I kinda feel is the better game at this point). Aaannnywhooo, let’s talk todays videos. First up, I actually yell at Endless Space 2 today, because god damned pirates. Fuck. Pirates. I was having fun, doing what one does in a 4X, and then these pirates just come and keep biting at me like the pests they are. I got so fed up I began a new game after this entry, because I didn’t wanna play angry, and I didn’t think you’d wanna watch that.

Today’s video of SuperCluster: Void is a happier affair, of course. After being turned down assistance by one race, I meet another who is initially resistant as well…unlessssss I grease their wheels a bit, if you know what I mean. This leads to a lot of mining and looting to get the necessary gold…er…grease needed to get them on our side, but eventually I do, and I get to upgrade my ship a bit along the way. I tell y’all, this game is REALLY scratching that Starflight itch.

Last night I got to play no games, sadly, because what should’ve been a routine laundry night turned into anything but due to several machines being out of order, and some not working well at all. So that took up much of my night. I doubt I’ll get any gaming tonight in besides the podcast either, which is fine, I’ll be making up for it this weekend. ;)

Now, onto news!

That’s it on the news. The only deal of the day is this Bundle Stars bundle which includes Navpoint.

That’s it for today folks (told ya it was a teensy update)! See y’all on the podcast tonight, and thanks for reading!

Author: Brian Rubin

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