Spacey Game News and Deals 10/9/13: The Calm-Before-the-Storm Edition

News Hands!

Hello my friends, and happy Wednesday! I hope y’all are more awake than I am! SOOO TIRED! However, there’s news to report, and I’m trying to do this at least regularly enough that nothing gets missed, so let’s do this thing called news!

Next up, we have several sales, including:

  • First up, Groupees is having a 1C Mega Bundle, in which you can buy two or more games for a SONG, and they include all three Star Wolves games as well as Parkan II, so jump on this as they’re all awesome.
  • Speaking of Star Wolves, the Indie Gala Store is having a bundle of all three games for $4.99, but the Groupees bundle is still cheaper.
  • Bundle Stars is having a great Quickfire Indie Bundle which includes Space Pirates and Zombies for $3.49, which is a decent deal for the other games you also get as well.
  • Finally, FireFlower games is having a Sci-Fi Sale which includes games such as Ring Runner, The Tomorrow War and, again, all Star Wolves games. The prices aren’t the greatest though, but I wanted to make y’all aware of it regardless.

Finally, in related news, the aforementioned Not on Steam Sale is over, but apparently it has a huge success. Also, the latest game from those hardworking folks at Arcen Games, Bionic Dues, is now available.

That’s it for today folks, have a great one!

Author: Brian Rubin

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