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News about current and upcoming space games.

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EVE Online Going Free to Play

So apppppaaaaaarrrrrently, come November, EVE Online will adopt an interesting free to play model based on its longtime use of in-game clones. Now there will be two levels of clones: Alpha Clones – These...

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New Endless Space 2 Faction Preview Videos

Well THESE certainly look nifty! No real gameplay in there yet, but they did say early access would hit “later this Summer.” Since it is late Summer and all…one can hope…;) See more stuff...

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Concealed Intent Hits 1.0

Hey friends, Concealed Intent hit 1.0 a couple of days ago, and is now out of early access. We’ve covered the game before, and it’s pretty great, so check it out! Concealed Intent is...

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Defect is Out of Early Access

Hey friends, Defect is now out of early access, as you can read below! Yay! v1..0 is out!. You can play through the entire 50 mission campaign, unlocking over 180 ship pieces and you...

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Evochron Legacy Released!

OMGOMGOMG! Guys, GUYS! The latest game in the long-running Evochron series is out TODAY! Evochron Legacy has a new graphics engine, new mission types, new starting roles and so much more! You can get it...