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News about current and upcoming space games.

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Jumpgate Festival! Incoming

Hey y’all, remember how much I love Jumpgate? ;) Well, the folks who are running the game are putting on a Festival! next weekend to coincide with the Thanksgiving (in the US) holiday! The...

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EVE Online Goes Free-to-Play Today!

Hey friends, as of today, EVE Online is now free to play via their Alpha Clone program. If you’ve not played for a while — or at all — this would be a great...

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Master of Orion to Get Race DLC

Looks like NeuMoO is getting new race DLC! As you may know, we have heavily relied on your feedback since the beginning of the journey of Master of Orion. It has guided us through...

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Void Destroyer 2 Adds Ship Capturing!

Paul just added a ship capturing mechanic to the already-fantastic Void Destroyer 2! Check it! Ship capture is a pretty big deal and could have pretty big balance issues. Many of these types of...