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News about current and upcoming space games.

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Shallow Space Comes to macOS

Friends, the busy developers of Shallow Space have released a version that now works on macOS, so if you’ve been hankering for some spacey RTS action on your Mac, now you can get it!...

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Vendetta Online Comes to the GearVR

As of today, you can now get Vendetta Online from the Oculus store for $2.99 to use with Samsung’s GearVR. As mentioned in the news piece: This will allow owners of the GearVR system...

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Stellaris Leviathans Story Pack DLC Out Now!

Big day for Stellaris fans, y’all, as the Leviathans “Story Pack” finally hits stores! The big additions from this are sentient Guardians space entities, independent trading enclaves and a potential War in Heaven with...


WARSHIFT Leaves Early Access

RTS/TPS shooter thing WARSHIFT recently left early access and hit full release on Steam! I’m a tad late in reporting this because I was confused about its status, but there ya go. If you’ve...