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News about current and upcoming space games.

Yay! 4

Evochron Legacy Released!

OMGOMGOMG! Guys, GUYS! The latest game in the long-running Evochron series is out TODAY! Evochron Legacy has a new graphics engine, new mission types, new starting roles and so much more! You can get it...

Rogue System Alpha Screenshot 9

Rogue System Enters Early Access!

Hey Friends, you might remember Rogue System from our two podcasts on it! Welp, the game just entered early access, and since Mike (the developer) is such a nice guy, I wanted to bring...

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Elite: Dangerous 1.1 is Live!!!

Well, it WENT live hours ago, but I can’t play it yet so booooooo. Read the changes here, and check out the trailer for it below! Can’t wait to dive in yet, likely tomorrow!...