Weary Wednesday – Daily Dispatch for 9/26/18

Looks Surprisingly Sharp for a ’90s Game. ;)

Opening/Random Thoughts

Man, I’m still not recovered from yesterday’s early morning. I just feel SO RUN DOWN today. Not even sure if I have the energy to…gasp…game. Like, at all. Seriously, all I wanna do is plop on the couch, turn on Netflix and binge some Deep Space Nine.

Today’s Video(s)

Today’s episode of Star Control: Origins was a bit of a slog, but it was worth it. We ran into a refugee ship that was stuck, and agreed to help them (I always do the nice thing in games when given a choice), so much of the episode was gathering materials to sell for resource units (RU, the game’s currency) to buy the part for their ship that they needed. The neat thing was that I got an extra escort of out it later, so yay for being nice! :)

Hyperspace Delivery Service, even its early days, is fantastic. It’s as if a developer from 2018 got transported back to 1993 and had to make a game with the technology at hand, using modern sensibilities. What you have is a random sector jumping game with side jobs, first-person shooting, space combat and resource/crew management. It’s like, what if FTL went in one direction in its sector jumping, had Doom-style combat and simplistic space combat? That’s this game, and it’s GREAT.

Today’s News

  • Deep Sky Derelicts — which many compare to Darkest Dungeon, but in SPACE — is now out of early access!
  • Starmancer has been quiet for a while because they have an entirely new engine! Wowi!
  • Heat Signature has a new post about another new upcoming feature, daily challenges!
  • Star Wars Galaxies: Legends has a post talking about its September update, which includes a lot of fixes.
  • Between the Stars added a hard mode to its prelude demo.
  • Solar Explorer: New Dawn will be getting controller fixes in an upcoming patch, which I help the dev discover! Yay!
  • AI War 2 got another big patch as it rolls its way to release.

Today’s Deal

  • Kerbal Space Program and its expansion are on sale at the MacGameStore.

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Warlock 2: the Exiled – This game came up during some Gladius talk on a forum I frequent, and I realized that, even though I own it, I’ve not really toyed with it. I also wanted something fairly straightforward yesterday, as I was so tired. Using the Renaissance Mod and with the tutorial, it’s a damned fine game so far!

Have a great day y’all!

Author: Brian Rubin

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