Spacey Game News 9/4/13: The Only One Day Edition ;)

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Hello my friends, and happy hump day! I hope y’all are having a great week. My week’s been pretty good, got some gaming time with a couple of space games, and have been working to line up more guests for the podcast. Our latest guest was an amazingly pleasant surprise, so stay tuned for that. ;) Now, onto the news!

  • Star Citizen – On the official site, we have a press roundup covering the recently releasd hangar module, as well an in-game news update from The Observist. Elsewhere we have two YouTube videos showing what intrepid fans can do when modding the hangar’s Crytek engine, such as flying around a 300i and adding weapons to a P-52 Merlin.
  • Wing Commander – The observant folks over at the always-awesome Wing Commander CIC noticed that even with Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia, the company should still continue to exist in order to make ConFed radar stations in the 27th century. ;) There’s also a lovely update covering a fan-made Hellcat model.
  • Open Imperium Galactica – Another day, another update, this time with crash fixes and updated AI.
  • Paragon – In perusing through Steam Greenlight today for the first time in a while, I happened upon this neat looking space trading game. I’ll find out more soon, and lookit, there’s an alpha to try!
  • Void Destroyer – Apparently both the beta (which I really need to dive into) and the demo have recently been updated, according to a post on Kickstarter.
  • Epic Space Game – There’s now a new Kickstarter-exclusive ship that will be available to backers, the Aequitas-class corvette. I hope this gets funded so I can get into the beta and try it all out. :) Hint. Hint. ;)
  • FleetCOMM : Operation Vigrior – A new post on Kickstarter details what’s been dropped and what will be added before the game’s final release in October. I’m honestly quite upset we’ll be losing the open world missions, that was my most anticipated feature. :(
  • Beyond Beyaan – A new post discusses primarly the races in Master of Orion 2 and how they’ll be implemented into the game.
  • Kerbal Space Program – I really need to go to DragonCon, as they have the best cosplayers, evidenced by these folks here. Just amazing stuff, they even got the faces perfectly right.
  • Endless Space – The Amplitude folks put up a post about their trip to Vancouver for the Unity awards.
  • Crimson – I found this procedurally generated spacey shootey thing on Kickstarter today, and wanted to share it.

That’s it! Have a good one folks!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Spacey Game News 9/4/13: The Only One Day Edition ;)

  1. Paragon, eh? I remember seeing it months ago back in SpaceSimCentral forum. And AFAIK it uses the same engine as Pioneer too.

    1. Gah, yeah, once I unzipped the game and loaded it, the window totes said Pioneer on it, which really threw me. They don’t mention that at ALL on their website, which honestly bugs me a bit.

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