News Cannon for 12/17/14: I’ll Have Catch Up with That…

News News News! Numbers! Is This Working?
News News News! Numbers! Is This Working?

Hello my friends, and welcome to Wednesday! There’s gonna be quite a bit more news than the last few days in this update becaaaaause, since I just flashed my phone with a new 3rd party ROM over the weekend, I forgot I needed to tell Feedly to send saved stories to Pocket. Therefore, when I went to Pocket on Monday, it only had a few stories, while Feedly still had a dozen waiting for me. ARG. So I’m gonna hit ’em all today for MAXIMUM COVERAGE. ;) Here we go!

  • Celestial Command – Their blog has been updated with a slight yet informative development plan, a roadmap, if you will.
  • Unending Galaxy – A new development blog talks about pirates, ships and the Asterian Empire, whoever they are. ;)
  • VoidExpanse – They’ve recently introduced new unique characters into the game, including Sean Connery (not really but LOOK IT LOOKS LIKE HIM).
  • Interstellar Rift – A new development update tells you things you might not have known before!
  • Wing Commander – The CIC has a great story about saving a piece of the Dragon fighter (BEST FIGHTER EVER IT IS NO YOU SHUT UP I’M RIGHT). No, I’m not kidding, go read it.
  • Human Orbit – Lookit, there’s a teaser trailer covering this space station social simulation thingy. GO WATCH IT.
  • Centauri Sector – Just found this game randomly today on IndieGameStand. I’ll look deeper into it and get back to y’all.
  • Rodina – A new update is available that includes, above all else, moving interiors, meaning if you leave the pilots station, the ship keeps moving now, so it might kick you out if you’re not caaaaareful (or nice to it).
  • Kerbal Space Program – Welp, they finally made it to beta! Not only does this include an improved craft editor and more contracts, but also use of the European Space Agency logo in partership with said agency, so now you can faithfully recreate ESA missions!
  • Starpoint Gemini 2 – PCWorld (yes, THAT PCWorld) gave the game a “meh” review.
  • Falling Stars: War of Empires – I’m not sure if this game actually exists, as it’s from a press release based on some forum posts, but it’s by Lock ‘n Load Publishing, so chances are good.

Finally, on the EVE of the Steam sale (get it? huh? hahahahahahh I don’t know what ever), IndieGameStand has this interesting looking indie space game I’ve not heard of called Photon Phighter Origins on sale for A DOLLAR. I’m easily biting at that price, because come on why not?

That’s it for today folks! Have a great one!

Author: Brian Rubin

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