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SGJ Podcast #234 – A Deep Dive into 4X Games

Hello my friends, and welcome to this week’s episode of the Podcast! This week, Jim, Hunter, Spaz and I sit down to discuss 4X games. We’ve been in something of a deluge of them, but so many of them follow the formula established by Master of Orion 2 over twenty years ago. We discuss which… Read More »

Hailing Frequencies Open – 5/18/17 – Your Titan is Ready, Pilot!

Hey friends, welcome to Thursday! Sorry I missed a post yesterday but the day TOTALLY got away from me. I also didn’t post yesterday’s Dawn of Andromeda video, so I posted two today! You can see them here in the playlist (the new entries are #3 and #4)! So far I’m really enjoying the game.… Read More »

The Spacey Game News Cannon for 1/6/15: The All-Over-the-Place Edition

Hello my friends, and happy Tuesday! I hope y’all are reaclimating back to normal after the holiday season. I tell ya, I’m still exhausted on my end. Even with my staycation, that was one TIRING holiday season. Ah well, I’ll get by with some awesome spacey gaming. We’ve got some fun news today, so let’s… Read More »

SGJ Podcast #80 – Getting Gratuitous about Space Battles

Hey folks, welcome to this episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! This time Jim and I talk to legendary indie developer Cliff Harris of Positech games about his space games, Gratuitous Space Battles and its upcoming sequel, Gratuitous Space Battles 2. It was really fun podcast as we discuss not only the development of these… Read More »

Spacey Game News 3/25/14 – There-Went-March Edition

Hello my friends! I’m sorry I’ve been so absent of late, but wow am I tired! A short time ago, I went to Yosemite for the better part of a week (some pics here) for a wedding in which my girlfriend was the maid of honor. As awesome a time as I had, it was… Read More »

SGJ Podcast #38: Getting the Last Word on The Last Federation (and Arcen Games, and So Much More…)

Hello friends, and welcome to the latest episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast. This time Jim and I sit down with Christopher Park, founder and lead developer at Arcen Games, to talk about their upcoming space game, The Last Federation, along with the continued success of AI War and so much more. It’s a fun… Read More »