A Few Spacey Sales For Y’all

Tons of Space Games on Sale!
Save Some Moneys Today!

Hey guys, I’ve found some deals I’d love to make y’all aware of, first a sale then a bundle, so let’s begin.

The folks over at GoG are having a 1C sale, which includes a few spacey games, those being:

  • Space Rangers for $4.99
  • Space Rangers 2: Dominators for $4.99
  • Star Wolves for $4.99

These are pretty good deals, but honestly I’ve seen these cheaper on other sales, so keep that in mind. The reason to get ’em at GOG — besides supporting one of the best sites ever — is lack of DRM and goodies like wallpaper and such.

Secondly, thanks to doctor_roxo for letting us know that there’s a new Winter Bundle by Positech Games, the same bloke behind Gratuitous Space BattlesThis bundle includes two space games, Starship Tycoon and Planetary Defense plus some other non-spacey games for $5.99, which is a good deal I might look into my own self. ;)

So enjoy the savings, folks, and thanks for reading!

Author: Brian Rubin

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