Spacey News – 11/26/12

It's the News!

Newsiness = Happiness. I Think?

Hey y’all, happy Monday, and welcome back to the work week (for those of us with a traditional work week at least). There was a decent bit of news since yesterday’s update, so let’s jump in, shall we?

In non-space gamey news, the folks at Gamasutra have a look at the beloved TRS-80, which I played my first-ever spacey games on. Finally, in non-gamey news, there’s a new piece of spacey art by MANCHU over on the Concept Ships blog, and a reader with the great name of Brian turned me onto this website called ShapeWright wherein you can build a ship in a web-based WebGL environment. I can’t try it here at work, sadly, but he recommends it. ;)

That’s it for today folks. Thanks for reading, and have a wondrous day!

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3 Responses

  1. That Kickstarter oddness sounds odd. (LOOK AT THAT! I’m a master of language me am!)

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hey dawg, we heard you liked Kickstarters, so we created a Kickstarter to kick to your Kickstarter.

  2. Cruis.In says:

    Hey man I do not know where else to put this but could you do an in depth thing of zigfrak. I bought DW:Legends and absolutely hooked on it since reading your stuff on that game. No one is talking about zigfrak on any space forums, it looks quite worth it. Want to know what you think after an extensive play through.

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