SGJ Podcast #234 – A Deep Dive into 4X Games

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4 Responses

  1. Harry Fishback says:

    Finally got to listen to this. Very good. You mentioned wanting a “Crusader Kings in space” type 4X. Take a look at Alliance of the Sacred Suns. It’s in Alpha but looks VERY promising :)
    It calls itself a 5X (former name was Imperia 5X)

  2. korbentesla says:

    I really enjoy the “discussion” episodes with no guests so don’t feel that you have to have guests every week. But here is a suggestions for when you DO have a guest. Usually these are people who dedicate a significant chunk of their time working on a labour of love project with very little reward. I am always more interested in them personally then the game they’re working on. I would love to hear about what motivates them, what shapes their game design principles, when did they start playing games and how did they start thinking about making games, what are some of their favorite games and genres from their childhood, are their families supportive of their endeavors….etc. I believe you do take this interview approach sometimes (eg when you interviewed the guy who created Star Fleet games), but I believe every creator could benefit from a little backstory. Of course I know they are here mainly to plug a game they’re working on so by all means go into that well, but I feel that if we learn about the person first, it gives so much more context and makes hearing about their game so much more interesting as well. There are a few other podcasts who do pretty good game developer interviews and I find them all fascinating. IGN does one called IGN Unfiltered, there is one called “Designer Notes” done by Idle Thumbs..etc. It would be great to have something like this recorded for posterity for the Space genre as well.
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hey man, thanks for your comment. I usually do try to do this, but sometimes the conversation (maybe that’s where I go off differently a bit, I see these more as conversations than interviews, at least I try to) goes in a different direction and it feels weird to stop and go back to the beginning, timewise, as it were, you know? I’ll try to hit this more though.

  3. korbentesla says:

    No worries, totally understand. It’s hard to engineer this stuff precisely especially if you’re trying to have this free flow conversation. But regardless, thanks again to you and the rest of the guys for your time and effort. I listen to you almost exclusively as a podcast. Being 30-something with various life commitments makes it hard to tune in live on YouTube so I’m very glad my Pocket Casts app automatically downloads each episode.

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