Spacey Gamey News and Dealsies – 12/21/12

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Hey everyone, happy Friday! As this will very likely be the last thing I post before Christmas day, I wanted to wish all those who celebrate the holiday a joyous, fun, and present-filled holiday. :) Now let’s jump into some news and deals!

  • First up the Emeny Starfighter site has been updated with two awesome videos showing some fun, short bits of the game. I’ll embed these below, but be sure to check ’em out, especially the one showing things getting blowed up. ;)
  • Okay, get this folks. There’s a new update for one of the Distant Worlds expansions, but not Legends, rather, Return of the Shakturi. That’s kinda crazy awesome. Apparently, “v1.5.0.11 update incorporates all the bug fixes and performance improvements from Distant Worlds: Legends,” which is pretty cool if you’ve not purchased Legends yet.
  • Star Trek Online Community Manager Brandon “BranFlakes” Felczer was interviewed on the Deck Eight podcast.
  • The Limit Theory Kickstarter has been updated with talk on creating a faction and a new tech demo, which I’ll embed below. Definitely looking awesome!
  • Rock, Paper Shotgun has posted an excellent review of Drox Operative that anyone on the fence about getting the game needs to read.
  • Iteration 14 of Void Destroyer has been released, which includes a new command mode, turret enhancements and more!
  • The Vendetta Online folks have released their holiday newsletter, which offers some free time for previous subscribers and so on.
  • The Star Conflict folks are now offering gold standards for victories in battles, which can be used as currency in the game it seems.
  • Finally, the Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter has been updated with video of a scavenger hunt (embedded below) as well as some other useful links. Whoopiedeedoo.

Now onto deals, of which there are a bunch today. First off, GamersGate’s holiday sale seems to be in full force, and they have the following funness:

WHEW. Now, we’re not done yet, because DotEmu is also having a sale, which includes the following:

  • Space Empires: Starfury for $3.00
  • Space Empires 4 for $3.00
  • Darkstar One for $3.00
  • O.R.B. for $1.50

NOW we’re done, and I need a nap. ;) Again, have a wonderful and festive holiday folks, and thanks as always for visiting. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

14 thoughts on “Spacey Gamey News and Dealsies – 12/21/12

  1. The “Scavenger Hunt” wasn’t even fluff. I listened to the pod cast and frankly, I could give a rat’s ass about ‘walking around on planets’ add on. What I’d rather see is a totally open, persistent world, using the standard Elite rules but with REAL LIFE PILOTS instead of just AI. The current concept of having to either do a single-player or else invite friends to join me just doesn’t flame my jets for nothing. When I was playing JumpGate I was O.A.S. forever. One of my biggest complaints was trying to find squad mates on-line and interested in doing what I was interested in (and vice versa). Playing with other people, the community, was what made JumpGate so great and so special, but having to coordinate with squad mates was more hassle than it was worth a lot of the time. Same thing for major events. Trying to get everyone on the same ‘wave length’/schedule was such a hassle! Anyway, I pledged my 100 lbs and hopefully it will turn into something I can love.

    Brian, isn’t there anything out there JumpGate-like???

    1. Sigh, sadly there isn’t until Star Citizen or BorderSpace get released. I have little to no faith in Elite: Dangerous anymore, really. :/

      1. Star Citizen? Hmmmm I’ll have to check it out. Don’t know what I’d do without your input Brian. Especially since you know what I’m talking about when it comes to JumpGate. I don’t have the time, knowledge or contacts to do the job that you do and when I consider you share all of your effort and info for free….wow! Just wow! Keep it up.

        As to Elite, I’m going to let my pledge stand. If they hit the goal fine. I only lose money if they never actually produce the game. If they don’t meet their goal, I’m not losing anything. I’m not playing anything right now anyway.

          1. I’m actually looking into that now Mekhios. I remember that “EVE” was a swear-word among most of the JumpGate community because a pilot didn’t actually ‘fly’ the ship or ‘aim the guns’. It DOES seem to be a highly convoluted and multi-layered game from what I’m reading. Once I figure out what I’m going to do, and after we get rid of all the post-Christmas family hanging around so I’ll have enough time to play, I’ll give you a holler. I noticed something about a “Buddy Invite List” or something that bumped up the number of free trial days. That sounds good to me and even at $15 per month dues it still looks attractive. It would get me back in space again and involved in an active community (even if a horribly large one).

    2. I prefer the single player approach, or at least te posibility of playing that way

      1. Senil I understand the allure of a ‘single player’ game. Until JumpGate I never played anything else, on line or not, sci-fi or fantasy. Having experienced the positives and negatives of working with a whole community of space pilots, miners, traders, factional combat pilots, bounty hunters and pirates (not to mention squads and all that implies) I just cannot imagine settling for anything less (except as a space-saver, time-killer).

  2. No kidding. A minute and a half long teaser doesn’t really cut it for me. I mean come on. A “tease”? The man is asking people to fund his project, they need to be shown something real.

    1. Well, they’re saving 14 salaries now, you’d think that would go toward funding this thing. *bitter*

    2. Sigh, I canceled my pledge again. There’s a lot about this I don’t like.

      1. Brian – I’m sensing you’re not a huge fan of Elite… I agree that the early KS campaign was bad; and sad news about the lay-offs (par for the course in the graphics and art side of the industry unfortunately) – but I think the campaign had really improved of late. They’ll probably just make it… Personally, I’m intrigued by what they’re planning to do!

  3. A very “Merry Christmass” to all of you, and especially to our host Brian!!!! Let’s hope we will finaly have time to play all those games that we have bought!!!! :)

  4. All things Space-related aside, merry Christmass to all.
    Lets be thankful that the Mayans messed up good and proper (but nice Trolling btw) and we get to see some awesome Space-Games in 2013.


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