Spacey Gamey News and Deals – 12/5-10/12

News Hands!
Taking Hold of the News Once Again!

Hey y’all, happy Monday! I’m mostly back, and while I’m not feeling 100% — maybe 70-80% — but that’s well enough to try and get y’all caught up with nearly a week’s worth of spacey gamey newsey goodness! There’s a lot to cover here, so let’s dive in. :)

The only deal I could find for today was an EVE Online – 30 Day Starter Pack at Green Man Gaming for $4.99.

Finally, the Concept Ships blog has some fantastic spaceship art from Kian Ng and Smyk Vitaliy.

That’s it! WHEW! I need some more sleep after that. I promise to get back into regular content soon folks, have tons of reviews, previews and such I need to work on, but the holidays are nuts and being sick didn’t help. Thanks again for your patience as I strive to balance out this blog with life in general. :) Have a lovely day y’all!

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