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How Dare You?

Hey friends, welcome to Thursday! Sorry I missed a post yesterday but the day TOTALLY got away from me. I also didn’t post yesterday’s Dawn of Andromeda video, so I posted two today! You can see them here in the playlist (the new entries are #3 and #4)!

So far I’m really enjoying the game. It has good pacing, seemingly solid AI, fun internal politics and streamlined planetary management that reminds me of the original Master of Orion. In entry three, I actually run out of systems to explore…and this is on a “huge” map. I kinda like that though, moves into the mid-game quickly, and also still leaves stuff for survey ships to…survey. It was funny though, as soon as I ran out of systems to explore, another race declared war on me. I’d not done a THING to them, I just reminded them of an ex that was mean to them, essentially, so that was fun. In the fourth entry, I tried to prepare for this war, but nothing ever happened. Another race paid ME to declare peace, which worked! Crazy.

Last night I spent time with two games. I made an entire series looking at the very Starflighty SuperCluster: Void which will go up next week (spoiler: I REALLY liked it a lot) followed by some Titanfall 2 practice for tonight’s stream. I got a few matches in, actually helped win one, and got a few kills in too. I’m getting slightly better, yay! I can’t wait to play tonight with some friends! Should be hilarious since we’ll all likely be so terrible. ;)

Alrighty, onto news, and there’s a lot of it!

Then a couple of non-game-but-relevant news pieces:

Finally, in sales, Gamesplanet is having a Focus Home Interactive sale, which includes games like Battlefleet Gothic and others. Check it out!

That’s it for today folks! See y’all on the stream tonight!

Author: Brian Rubin

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