Spacey Game News and Deals 5/18-23/13: The OMG-I-Am-Never-Going-That-Long-Without-Posting-News-Ever-Again (Hopefully) Edition

Drowning in News
Drowning Under the Tide of News…

Hellloooooo everyone, and happy Friday! This was a really nutty week for me, hence the lack of news until today! I’ve got a WEEK’S worth of stuff to get through, so let’s DO THIS! ;)

(Sorry if the news pieces appear a bit disjointed, I had to go through between seventy to eighty news pieces out of order ;)

OH MY GOD that was a lot. But wait, we also have DEALS! Besides the two mentioned yesterday, we also have the following:

  • Gamefly is having a deal on a few space games, which includes:
    • Gratuitous Space Battles for $3.75
    • Armada 2526 Gold Edition for $9.99
    • Endless Space – Admiral Edition for $14.99
    • Gemini Wars for $4.99
    • X3: Reunion for $2.49
    • Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD for $4.99
    • Star Ruler for $4.99
    • Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion for $12.99
  • Zigfrak is the newest deal over at IndieGameStand, and will cost $1 to get the game an $1.62 to get the game and its soundtrack.
  • Space Pirates and Zombies is going for $7.47 over on Green Man Gaming.
  • Spaceforce: Rogue Universe is also on sale at Green Man Gaming for $4.99.
  • Strike Suit Zero is $9.99 on Steam to celebrate the release of the DLC noted above, which sadly isn’t discounted (but the older DLC is).
  • The Legacy and Starter Packs for Star Trek Online are on sale to celebrate the release of the recent expansion.

FINALLY, we’re done. That took FOREVER to put together, but I love y’all, so y’all are worth it. ;) Have a great weekend!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Spacey Game News and Deals 5/18-23/13: The OMG-I-Am-Never-Going-That-Long-Without-Posting-News-Ever-Again (Hopefully) Edition

  1. I’ve never played a 4x Sci-Fi strategy game before, all the news on the subject has gotten me a bit interested. Any suggestions?
    (Also, Infinite Pixels just feels way too scam-ish.)

    1. Welcome to the comments siveon! Now first off, how far back can you go in terms of graphics? I ask because if you can handle mid-90s graphics, Master of Orion 1 and 2 are the way to go.

      And how does Infinite Pixels look too scam-ish?

  2. Kerbal Space Program is actually version 0.20, not 2.0. It’s still in Alpha (and will be for a while yet).

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