Spacey Snippets – 3-16-12

All those little dots are news stories...
It's a Supernova of News!!!

Heeeeelllo everyone, how y’all been? Me, I’ve been busy, not only with work, but with some articles for here as well, so a lot of news has happened in the interim. I’ve got a ton to go through, so let’s get started:

WHEW! That was a lot! Thanks for reading y’all, and have a great weekend!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Spacey Snippets – 3-16-12

  1. I really hate the concept ships blog.

    Not the art itself, I love painted space ships. It's the way the creator decided to organize and display the art that drives me nuts.

    I just can't browse the blog without wanting to punch someone in the face. Thumbnails, sorting, empty spaces are all unknown to him it seems.

    How can someone having a concept art blog be so clueless about design and information display?

    1. Yeah, it is a bit…overdone is the word I'd use. I prefer a simpler design. Regardless, the art they have, to me, makes it worth dealing with the wacky design.

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