Finally Friday! Bring on the Weekend! – Daily Dispatch for 9/14/18

Aimed Shot is So Great.

Opening/Random Thoughts

It’s finally Friday y’all. This week has been rough, for me at least. While I love doing our podcast, getting up super early to do one pretty much makes me exhausted for the rest of the week. This week has been super busy too with work and stuff, so I’m super glad the weekend is here. I hope to get a good amount of gaming in too, including next week’s game, the Amiga classic, the Federation of Free Traders (if I can figure out how to play it).

Today’s Video(s)

Last night, Spaz and I played a bunch of Door Kickers: Action Squad, and it is SO fun. I stuck with the Assaulter class the entire time, while Spaz — who’s had more time in the game than I — cycled through a few of the classes (the game has five in all). It was SO FUN taking out perps and rescuing hostages. Seriously, it’s such a fun game, and more content is planned, so definitely check out this one.

Today’s News

  • Starflight 3’s AMA was apparently a massive success, and they have a rundown over on their Fig page. Have you backed it yet? Why not?
  • Between the Stars is running a screenshot contest using the game’s built-in photo mode (and it is such a pretty game).
  • Star Zeal 4X now has a website with developer updates for y’all to check out.
  • Starcom: Nexus’ closed beta round two is going well, and they now have a Discord as well.
  • PULSAR: Lost Colony has two new patches which adds new programs, components and more.
  • Star Traders: Frontiers adds new ship components to increase ship flexibility!
  • Astrela Starlight has a patch with a new HUD filter, ship recall abilities and more.
  • Steredenn has a patch which fixes some crippling bugs, and this should be the game’s last.
  • Frontier Pilot Simulator has a pretty big update, with new ships, optimizations and more.
  • Egosoft has posted another delightful screenshot of X4 Foundations.
  • Apparently someone is trying to remake Rescue on Fractalus, according to this video. Thanks Dr. Caligari for the tip.
  • It’s not a space game, but Positech Games — makes of the Gratuitous Space Battles series — today announced Democracy 4.

Today’s Deals

  • IndieGala is having a massive Disney Interactive sale, which includes a lot of Star Wars games. Reddit has the full list.
  • IndieGala also has a bundle which includes the fantastic NEXT JUMP: Shmup Tactics.
  • WinGameStore is also having a Disney Interactive Sale.

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Daggerfall Unity – Seriously. After watching a video on the Elder Scrolls series the other day, I had a hankering to go back to the best game in the series, Daggerfall (yeah, I said it). Daggerfall Unity is super easy to install, and as soon as I launched it, I got hit with a wave of nostalgia. I didn’t realize how much I missed this detailed, amazing game (hasn’t been another like it), but I’ll definitely be revisiting it this weekend. VENGEANCE!

That’s it for me today y’all! Have a lovely weekend!

Author: Brian Rubin

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