Spacey Gamey News and Dealisies – 11/14-15/12

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Hello everyone, and happy Thursday! Sorry for the lack of a news update yesterday, but gosh what a CRAZY day that was thanks to a lovely plumbing emergency in my apartment. I’ll spare you the details and just say I’m still exhausted, and after I wrote my Kickstarter SEO article, I was spent, so again, very sorry for the lateness of this. That said, let’s jump right in! :)

  • Lots of Star Citizen updates to talk about! They’ve detailed the RSI Constellation MK3, on which IGN also has an article. Continued funding has unlocked information on the Cathcart and Ellis systems, as well as hidden asteroid bases. Finally, they profile another member of their team, Dave Haddock. Wheeeeew!
  • The Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter has been updated with some new wallpaper (though they’re TINY) and a new video from David Braben talking about procedural generation, which I’ll embed after the cut. Also over on Games Brief, author Nicholas Lovell explains why he thinks Kickstarter was the right move for the game, with some caveats.
  • As the Strike Suit Zero Kickstarter winds down to a close (twenty-eight hours to go as I write this), they have an update on their final push, the ability to pay through PayPal, and some new art of the Merauder Strike Suit. They’re at 150% of their funding, so congrats to them!!!
  • According to the folks at RTS Guru, we’ll be getting a new expansion for Gratuitous Space Battles!
    Called The Outcasts, ou can see screenshots in the announcement entry on Cliff Harris’ blog.
  • Ensign-1 is now getting in-game money and new ships. You’ll now get money for shooting down ships and can spend it on better fighters.
  • The Star Made page over on IndieDB has an update on the next version of the game. This consists mostly of rotating systems in space.
  • On the official forums for Miner Wars 2081, they’ve announced both a new art pack and, more importantly, a release date for the game. (Spoiler, it’s November 28th). ;)
  • The Ring Runner folks have announced that Kickstarter backers will now begin to get their rewards! Yay!
  • There’s a new update for AI War called “The Pain Train” which brings the game up to 6.006 and re-imagines Astro Trains! Choo choo!
  • Finally in gaming news, there’s a new season seven video for Star Trek Online that looks pretty cool, and I’ll embed it after the cut.

A couple of things in non-gamey news. First, there’s a funny little FTL fan video called “The Sinking of the Spacepunch” which is totally worth a watch. Then, according to an article on The Escapist, Lee Sheldon — a writer and producer on Star Trek: The Next Generation proposes a modern version of the holodeck. When can I get one?

Finally, in deals news, first up is the Groupees Build a Bundle 4, which includes Stellar Impact. Yay? Finally, GameStop is offering a deal on Gemini Wars in which it’s 40% off all weekend, but 66% off on Sunday.

Whew, that’s it folks! Have a great night and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Spacey Gamey News and Dealisies – 11/14-15/12

  1. Ugh, new Braben video and again his squinting suspicious eyes and elusive speech just don’t buy me. He talks about rather trivial things Moulenaux enterpreneur style: when did procidural universe became a holy misson of the space sims? I’d rather fly 50 _handcrafted_well-made_ systems rather than 10000000+n_squarezillion of lookalikes.

    Star Citizen, on the other hand, has just made my day with their Constellation MK3 brochure. Hell, I don’t get much money but I seriously think of upping my pledge up to $100.

    1. Yeah, the two campaigns are SERIOUSLY a contrast in, I feel, how to do a campaign well and how to…well…not…

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