Spacey Gamey Newsies and Dealsies – 10/12/12

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Hey y’all, happy Friday! I’d like to say this first week of daily news digests is going well! It’s keeping me focused on writing SOMETHING each day, and I hope it’s helping keep y’all informed as to all the spacey gamey goodness out there. Now with that said, let’s dive in:

  • Sol Trader has been updated with new AI traders, revised UI screens, and save/load functionality. Seems like a good time to try this little beauty, huh? I know I’m gonna.
  • According to a press release, the folks behind Iron Sky Invasion are using actors from the film — which I still need to see — in the game, which is pretty cool.
  • The folks behind Blackspace posted an update on their Kickstarter page talking about new reward add-ons.
  • Also on Kickstarter, the folks behind Ring Runner have announced a new award tier that allows users to help create a whole new skill for the game.
  • And in the final Kickstarter update, the folks behind M.O.R.E. have announced that their game has been fully funded. Congrats to them!!!
  • Paste Magazine has a great review of FTL up.

In today’s deals, we have a couple worth mentioning:

  • The fantastic Really Big Sky is today’s IndieGameStand deal, where you can pay $10 or what you want for the game. I paid more than that, and found it totally worth it. Wonderful little game.
  • Strategy First is having a SFI Super Bundle deal, which includes spacey games like Space Empires IV DeluxeSpace Empires: Star Fury and O.R.B.: Off-World Resource Base along with many other games for only $10. However, intruder over at Quarter to Three warned that the last time he bought a similar bundle from Strategy First, the games were only available to download for a few days before disappearing, FYI.
Thanks to Bryan for this tip! The folks at GetGames are having a Sci-Fi Sale which includes the following spacey games (which are all pretty good deals in my opinion):

In non-space-gamey news, Cliff Harris — the bloke behind Gratuitous Space Battles — announced that after many years, his game Diplomacy 2 is finally on Steam! Congrats Cliff! Finally, there are some fantastic spaceship paintings by Adrien Girod over on the Concepts Ships blog.

That’s it for now y’all! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Author: Brian Rubin

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