Spacey Gamey News and Deals – 12/3-4/12

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6 Responses

  1. frptunz says:

    Hey, great meaty update, as always! :)
    By the way, I’ve seen a message on X series forum officially stating that X: Rebirth has been moved to 2013 release window and that some new info updates are being prepared for the fans.

  2. Stormwaltz says:

    Regards Galaxy on Fire II: I don’t think I can support this one, due to Fishlabs’ previous behavior.

    I bought the first GoF for iPhone, and while I had a lot of trouble with with it (dear heavens, I hate motion-controlled games), I admired its ambition. And then came the last update, which changed the in-game economy and added a cash shop selling in-game boosts. At the same time, they made it free to download.

    So they took a game I’d already paid for, deliberately altered the balance so that cash purchases are now required to play, and tried to argue it was an upgrade because now new players (who are not me) don’t have to pay to download it (as I did).

    Words can’t express my anger. I was going to buy GoF2, but after this blatant bait-and-switch cash grab, I washed my hands of the company.

  3. Stormwaltz says:

    Oh, also, EVE Online is on sale for $5 on Steam. New accounts or upgraded trials only.

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