Sometimes I’m Not Sure What to Write – Weekly Gaming Check-in for 11/17/19

Yes, so I’m a bit obsessed…again…

Weekly Gaming Thoughts

So I don’t know what to write this week. I mean, I’m back on the LOTRO train in a big way, and Strike Fighters 2 continues to be a pleasantly surprising challenge. I get shot down far more than I expected I would be when I first got the game, meaning the AI is better than I expected going in. This is good because while I’ve lost at least a dozen or more campaigns at this point, I learn a little more every time. Last week went by so fast though, I’m not sure what else to write.

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Lord of the Rings Online – Obviously. When this game gets its hooks in me, it’s deeeeeep. I know it’s not the most populated or prettiest MMO out there, but for some reason the combination of its writing, lore, combat and world really just click with me.
  • Dying Light – Spaz suggested that, between our sessions, I do some side missions to get them out of the way, since he’s done them already. My god y’all I can’t tell you how fun it is just moving through this world. I also love how they reward you for just about anything you do, whether it’s a particularly good jump or heatshotting some zombies. SO FUN. I also can’t believe how pretty it is.
  • Strike Fighters 2 – I lost both an A-10 and an F-105 campaign this week. I got several missions into each but was taken down by something I didn’t see in time, an AAA gun and a bogie, respectfully. Still having a great time though!

What I’m Planning on Playing

  • Destiny 2 – I only dabbled a bit with this one last week, so I hope to play a little more this week, as the gunplay is REALLY satisfying all around.

Welp, this was a weird entry, but I hope y’all enjoyed it. What are you guys all playing?

4 Responses

  1. Captain Kal says:

    1. When I fail a mission, I usually do not accept the outcome. So I do not usually lose a campaign (Since it’s very hard to dogfight a Hunter, with a fully loaded A-4C!!!!). Although I lost one campaign, by failing two missions in a row!! (1959 – Desert Sands campaign, imho).

    2. Map is your friend!!! Since it updates regularly, you can always see, what lies ahead!!

  2. Captain Kal says:

    No!! You can repeat the mission, without accepting the result!!!

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