Dang Networking – Gaming Affirmation for 9/17/19


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Hello friends, and happy Tuesday! I’ll tell y’all, today was a DAY. After spending time yesterday testing more stream settings via OBS, I had so many problems this morning. So I had to do like, three smaller streams just to get it all working. I THINK, THINK, I have it where unstable events will be kept to a minimum, but I’ve truly no idea in the long run. The next thing I’ll eventually try to do — because it’s somewhat expensive and time-consuming — is replace all the networking cable going from the router to the PC, which would be a pain in the keester.

Other than that, playing Strike Commander this morning reminded me why I never stuck with it. The story is ridiculous, the characters are all horrible stereotypes, and the most important part, the gameplay, is just not fun. I’d played other combat flight sims up until this point, like Falcon 3.0 and Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat, and none of them were as annoying and as frustrating as this. It’s like they tried to make a Wing Commander game into a flight sim.

Now four against one, for example? That’s fine in many space sims, where you have unlimited ammo and room to maneuver. In a conventional flight sim? Yeah, you’re as good as gone. It was just annoying to play, and not fun at all, so thankfully I won’t be returning to it. In a couple of weeks we’ll look at a MUCH better flight sim, my favorite, EF2000.

What I’ve Been Playing

  • DS9: The Fallen – I’m trying to get older games to run for some streams, and I decided to give this one a whirl. Only ran it for a moment to test it out, but man, this is gonna be FUN.

That’s pretty much it for today y’all. See you tonight on the podcast!

Author: Brian Rubin

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