A Change of Pace – Weekly Gaming Check-in for 12/15/19

It’s Yule in Lord of the Rings Online

Weekly Gaming Thoughts

Sometimes you plan to play a game for an entire week, and then something happens. In this case, I’d been playing Tomb Raider’s 2013 reboot until I hit a part where an entire zombie Samurai army murders Lara left and right. I wrote about it here.

So I found myself returning even more to Lord of the Rings Online. Again. I know I keep bringing LOTRO up, but it truly is gaming comfort food for me. I log in, do some quests, feel like I accomplished something, and it scratches just the right itch. It’s especially great when I’m stressed.

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Lord of the Rings Online – I gave the Lore Master a try, but it honestly wasn’t punchy enough for me. The skills took too long to use and I just got impatient. I therefore went back to my Hunter, which is far more pew-pew than any other class I’ve played.
  • Path of Exile – This had a biiiiig update lately, so whenever they do one of those, I log in, start a new character, and run around killing. They keep adding stuff to it, and its skill tree is overwhelming, but overall it’s an amazing game, especially free-to-play.

What I’m Planning on Playing

  • Generation Zero – After playing co-op with Spaz this last week, and having a lovely time, I plan to venture onto the invaded Swedish island solo to grind and level up my character a bit before the next time we stream it.
  • Ghostbusters the Video Game – I got stuck due to some poor iconography — the game was pointing to a specific spot, but I got lost figuring out how to get there — but now I’m past it, so I plan to keep playing it. It’s fun!

That’s it for me. What have y’all been playing of late? Have a great week!

Author: Brian Rubin

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