News Digest Post for 8/22/19


Opening/Random Thoughts

Hey friends! Let me apologize for not writing one of these in a while. Switching to daily streams — which if you’re unaware of, read here — has taken a lot of my energy, but things are balancing out, so now I wanna do a news-only post to get y’all caught up. I’ve over eighty pieces saved, so we’re just gonna plow through them.

I do hope to do these posts weekly AT THE VERY LEAST. Daily ideally, hopefully. Thanks for your patience everyone, now let’s dive in.

Today’s News

Releases/Release News

New Games Discovered/Announced

Development Blogs/Updates

Major Patches/Updates

Minor Patches/Updates

That’s it! WHEW! Now I should be able to do these more regularly. Thanks so much y’all!

Author: Brian Rubin

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