Kind of a Quiet Day – Daily Dispatch for 7/30/19

I’m a Star Baby.

Opening/Random Thoughts

Hey friends, happy Tuesday. I tell y’all, I feel way more grounded today than I did yesterday. Yesterday was just a mess emotionally. A good mess, to be sure, but still a mess. Today, as I get further away from the lay off and toward next week’s full streaming schedule, I’m starting to feel great. Excited! Thrilled! I can’t waaaait!

Today’s Video(s)

Today’s entry of Interstellar Space Genesis has be spreading my legs out even further, and meeting new frenemies along the way. Sure, they’re nice now, but once we begin running out of planets, things will get hairy REAL fast.

Space Dance is an interesting twin-stick shooter that uses a tethering mechanic to get points. The more enemies you tether, the more points you get. It’s a real fun balance of risk versus reward, and it’s only a dollar, so it’s totally worth it. ;)

Today’s News

  • Sunless Skies got another massive new patch in The Horn Update that adds a new character and much more.
  • Interstellar Rogue will be getting a big new patch in a few days with even more fixes! Yay!
  • Avorion got another beta patch with maybe a dozen small bug fixes.
  • AI War 2 got a pretty massive patch as it torpedoes its way toward leaving early access.

Today’s Deal(s)

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Rebel Galaxy Outlaw – Mostly for HOTAS testing, but progress is being made in that regard! Yay!

Yup, a fairly slow day, which is fine. Have a lovely day y’all!

Author: Brian Rubin

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