Back in the Virtual Saddle – Gaming Check-In for 12/29/19

That Was a Damned Fine Moment

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Hello my friends, it’s good to see you again after a week off! We hosted Christmas for the family this past week, so one half of the week was insane, and the second half of the week was basically recovery, both in cleaning up after and recovering from the mental and physical exhaustion. I’ve no complaints though, as Christmas itself went off splendidly. Great food and people, can’t ever get enough of either.

Gaming-wise, I made sure to take some gaming breaks even during the most busiest of times, and much of that time was taken up with Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Now, I’d taken a break from Origins due to burnout. This happens to me whenever I get further into a game than my gaming ADHD usually allows. I play it a LOT, then suddenly don’t want to touch it. I did this at least a dozen times with Jumpgate back in the day, and do it these days with games like Lord of the Rings Online.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins is the latest in being one of the few games that I stick with past its first initial hours, and then need a break from at least a dozen or so hours in. It’ll also likely be one of the few games I ever finish. Who knows how long that’ll take, though, given I keep chasing down everything on the game’s huge map.

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins – As I said, this is super duper fun, and at the moment I can’t stop playing it.
  • Arma 3 – Got this on the Steam sale for its single-player content, and so far I am enjoying it immensely! It’s quirky and not explained well, but gorgeous and definitely a good time.
  • Kingsway – This was on deep sale so I had to try it. My god it’s a good time, so much so I added it to the streaming calendar for next month.

What I’m Planning on Playing

  • Air Hauler 2/Microsoft Flight Simulator – I’ve still not passed my flight test, but I’m getting close, I can feel it.
  • Shadowcrawl – This just got some big updates so I’m diving back in. It’s a VERY fun little roguelike.

That’ll do it for now y’all. Can’t wait to see y’all throughout the week!

Author: Brian Rubin

1 thought on “Back in the Virtual Saddle – Gaming Check-In for 12/29/19

  1. Hi Brian, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! I have bailed on very fun, great games by being over saturated, and burned out as well. My latest was Conan Exiles. I was having the best time, excellent game, and I had found this large dungeon. Lots of fights, a few puzzles with figuring out complicated steps in how to get through the current area, then many more fights etc. Seemed like it would never end. Finally got through feeling triumphant, but also exhausted. I haven’t touched the game in months since. Now, isn’t the above the reasons why we play these games. Strange. I have moved on to several other games since; all started, but none finished. StarPoint Gemini, and Starpoint Gemini: Warlords I have played for a while, and have kept my attention for long periods of time. Still haven’t finished either game, but each has a lengthy list of DLC’S that start the game fresh with a different spin, but still the same game. Your very lucky your job is linked to playing through these games for a relatively short period, and then on to the next game. Assassin’s Creed: Origins got your full attention for a while. Fully understand. I hear about players who put in X amount of hours to finish a game, in a couple sittings and then move on to the next one; like it’s a contest to finish as many as possible. Any way, love your videos, and play through style. My game library is full of games you have recomended. All at least started with a couple hours in, lol.

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