Crayon Contest Winners Announced!!!

Exceptional Art Inbound!

Exceptional Art Inbound!

Hey kids, I know I’m a little behind on this but damn did last week’s trip kick my ASSSS. Regardless, the crayon contest is now over, and we have the winners, so check out their art after the cut!

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Spacey News and Dealies 2/28/14: The Where-The-Hell-Did-February-Go Edition…

All those little dots are news stories...

So Many Pieces of News…

Hello my friends, and happy Friday! It’s been a busy week here, but the news has been piling up, so I thought I’d close out the work week with the latest batch of space game news. Let’s do this!

But wait, we’re not done, we have some sales! GamersGate is selling the aforementioned Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion for $19.98, but it’s been cheaper elsewhere so you might wanna wait. You can then get Gimbal in the Indie Royale Pancake Bundle and the AI War collection in Bundle Stars’ Fusion Bundle. Finally, DotEmu has a massive anniversary sale going on with too much stuff to list here.

Finally, amazing site McSweeny’s has an article covering one of the toughest jobs of any starship captain, yet one we don’t see modeled in games often enough. ;)

That’s it folks, have a great weekend!

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Spacey Game News and Dealsies 11/6/13: Getting Over the Hump…

Folded Newspapers


Hello everyone, and happy hump day! It’s time for another newsey digestey thingy, and there’s a good chunk of stuff to go over today, so let’s get to it!

Finally, the Bundle in a Box folks have a new Indie Strategy Game Bundle which includes AI War and a bunch of other titles for a $1.99 minimum purchase, which is a good deal if you ask me.

That’s it for today folks. Have an awesome one!

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Spacey Game News and Dealsies 9/6-9/13: Case-Of-The-Mondays Edition

Stack of Newspapers

The News Sure Piles Up…

Hellloooo my friends, and happy Monday! I hope y’all had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to a fun week ahead! Me, I am sooooo tired, and haven’t had time to get in much gaming besides some Skyrim (I have such an on-again, off-again relationship with the game…I’ll play it obsessively for weeks, to the detriment of any other game) and some time with the Starpoint Gemini 2 alpha. Not much there yet, but it’s fun to fly around and shoot stuff at the moment. Anyway, news! Let’s get to it! (All vids will be embedded after the cut, FYI.)

Now, in deals, there are a decent few for y’all! First off, Gamefly is having a Kalypso sale which includes Legends of Pegasus for $15.99. Then, Greeman Gaming is having a Value Pack Week which includes plenty of sales, most notably Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity for $6.79, which oddly isn’t included in the Stardock complete pack for $56.97 (but Rebellion is), and finally, they have a Strike Suit Zero pack for $13.49.

Finally, in related news, since Gearbox is lending its support to the (now entitled) Homeworld: Shipbreakers, the game will no longer be free-to-play but a full commercial product! Hooray!

That’s it for today folks! Have a great one!

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Spacey Game News and Dealsies 6/1-6/13: The Lawdy-Lawd-I’m-Tired Edition

It's the News!

Bringin’ It Newsy Style.

Heyyyyy guys! Me again (who else would it be, really?)! Been a CRAZY week, which is why I’m just getting to the news just now, and holy crap there’s a ton of it. I actually had to take a break in the middle of writing this just to eat a little something, because it was THAT INTENSE you guys! ;) Enjoy!

We’re not done yet folks. Ooooooohh no. We have deals! First off, Amazon has launched a new indie game storefront (yay for them!), and to celebrate, they have a TON of deals going on, way too many for me to mention here, but thanks to the good folks on Reddit, you can see a list of the individual games and bundles that are currently on sale, which include a good deal of spaciness. Finally, you can get Dawnstar over on IndieGameStand for as low as $1, but more if you want extras.

Finally, in related news, the latest Science Behind the SciFi newsletter has been released.

That’s it! Whew! I gotta get back to doing this daily. Thanks for your patience folks, and have a lovely day!

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Spacey Game News and Deals 5/18-23/13: The OMG-I-Am-Never-Going-That-Long-Without-Posting-News-Ever-Again (Hopefully) Edition

Drowning in News

Drowning Under the Tide of News…

Hellloooooo everyone, and happy Friday! This was a really nutty week for me, hence the lack of news until today! I’ve got a WEEK’S worth of stuff to get through, so let’s DO THIS! ;)

(Sorry if the news pieces appear a bit disjointed, I had to go through between seventy to eighty news pieces out of order ;)

OH MY GOD that was a lot. But wait, we also have DEALS! Besides the two mentioned yesterday, we also have the following:

FINALLY, we’re done. That took FOREVER to put together, but I love y’all, so y’all are worth it. ;) Have a great weekend!

Videos Right This Way!


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