Crayon Contest Winners Announced!!!

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  1. Timmaigh! says:

    Win by default, hell yeah! :-D Not that unexpected though. The barrier, as you said, was indeed too high, too many requirements needed (free time, skills, crayons, actual “will” to do that), while the number of potential contesters not big enough i guess… I barely managed to do it myself, and to be honest with you, in the end i did not because i wanted the SPAZ for free that much (could spare those 8 EUROs or so on Steam, if i really wanted), but i wanted to do something worthwhile for a change…in my free time, i mean. And i am glad i did in the end, since i was fairly satisfied with the result.

    So i want to thank you, not only for those steam codes now, but for the very reason to draw that picture in the first place, sincerely without your contest, prizes or not, i would not ever motivate myself to do it just so, it would probably not even cross my mind, so i would have now one less artwork to be happy about.

    Oh, and special thanks for the Void Destroyer, now that is a pleasant surprise! I dont recall any mention about anything else but SPAZ before, so this was unexpected. I guess i am going to install and give it a try right now, even though its past midnight here.

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