Spacey Game News and Deals – 11/19/12

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Hello there y’all, and happy Monday! What a day it’s been already, thanks to the Star Citizen news, but besides that, other stuff happened over the weekend as well, so let’s get it out of the way! :)

  • Speaking of Star Citizen, there were a TON of updates leading up to the end of their crowdfunding campaign, so let’s just pound ’em out right now. First off, we have more general end of campaign,final countdown and 24-hours-to-go updates. Here’s also a photo of the team within the last 24 hours from Twitter. Then, a ton of stuff was unlocked, such as the Krell, Stanton, Kallis and Chronos systems, as well as the new Drake Cutlass, the Caterpilar Armored Transport and the ORIGIN M50 Interceptor. There are also two new vids (which I’ll embed below the cut) of early AI combat as well as an early test of a 3D spaceport. Finally, GOG has an interview with Chris Roberts as well. Whew!
  • In Strike Suit Zero news, they have word that the release date for the game is January 24th, 2013! Already?! Nice, can’t wait to play it!
  • The ModDB page of Freeworlds: Tides of War — You know, that AMAZING Freelancer mod/total conversion that I can’t wait to play — has an update talking about the final phase of the game and how development is in full swing! YAY!
  • Now that the Elite: Dangerous has cleaned up its tiers a bit (they make more sense now, thankfully), they’ve added new pledge add-ons to confuse things further. Or something.
  • The StarLife blog has been updated with some brief race descriptions. Brief indeed!
  • According to my friend over at Matchsticks for My Eyes, he has word that the mobile port of Master of Orion called Starbase Orion will be ported to the PC via a Kickstarter next year. Oh, the irony of it all. I think.
  • Both Sword of the Stars II and Vendetta Online got updates over the weekend.
  • The Predestination blog has had its first update in forever with new screenshots that are gorram sexy.
  • The Beyond Beyaan blog has been updated with news on dealing with resource shortages. I hate when that happens.
  • The Three Moves Ahead podcast recently had a podcast talking to Chris Park of Arcen about AI War and stuff.
  • In our final news piece, the SkyJacker folks have relaunched their digital store if you wanna still buy the game. They’ve also announced a new Kickstarter campaign which will build funds for an app to go along with their game.

Now, onto the deals. As its Thanksgiving week here in the U.S., the deals are gonna come hot and heavy, especially from Steam, who will have so many I’ll likely not be able to share ’em all (I suggest the amazing DDDeals and Cheap Ass Gamer to help keep up). GamersGate, however, has hit the ground running with their Thanksgiving sale, and it includes the following spacey goodness.

Aaaand I need a nap now. ;) Have a great day y’all!

Author: Brian Rubin

8 thoughts on “Spacey Game News and Deals – 11/19/12

  1. Unfortunately, MaK didn’t make it, its KS campaign utterly failed. Such a shame, the game seems to be one of the most interesting out there, and its graphics are incredibly beautiful even for an alpha version. I really hope they’ll learn from their mistakes (lack of updates and feedback) and try again.

        1. Huh, never even heard of this, but honestly, there’s so much on KS I’m not surprised. If you or anyone finds a spacey game (with spaceships at least) on KS, let me know!

  2. Just have a look at the linked videos, they are awesome. Low gravity FTW! ^^

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