Spacey News and Deals – 12/11/12

News and Coffee
I’m Knee Deep in Both of These Today. ;)

Hey y’all, happy Tuesday! I hope y’all are having a great week so far. I’m still feeling a bit under the weather, especially energy-wise, but I’ve got more than enough to give ya the latest spacey news and deals. :) Enjoy! (Lots of videos today, which are embedded after the cut if possible)

  • According to the folks at 4xgamer, there’s going to be a third free expansion for Endless Space. Called “Polaris”, it’ll add Steam achievements, an option for no pirates (YAY!), a new wonder and hero, and more. This might get me back into the game. Bloody pirates (and horrid AI). They’ve also been nominated for Gamespot’s Strategy Game of the Year and People’s Choice Best of 2012.
  • Speaking of nominations, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion has been nominated for PC Gamer’s 2012 Strategy Game of the Year.
  • The demo for Drox Operative has been updated to the release version of the game, so if you’ve not checked it out, now is a perfect time to do so!
  • The SlipSpace folks have a new trailer for us all to enjoy, which I’ll embed after the cut below.
  • There’s a new dev diary video for Elite: Dangerous that shows more footage and talks roles. They also have an update to their Kickstarter FAQ about the single player portion of the game. Whee.
  • There’s an update on the Dominion Kickstarter which discusses what they mean by on-line play.
  • The Rodina website has been updated for the first time in FOREVER with a look at the new ship interior editor, which looks awesome.
  • The latest update to EVE Online: Retribution will be released today, apparently.
  • Space Sector continues their look at 4X games with an article on tackling build management tedium.
  • The Star Citizen site has been updated with new paint-overs of the Constellation. Looks really sexy!
  • The Beyond Beyann blog has a new article on glasses and the economy (don’t worry, they’re somewhat related). Feel better, bro!
  • Finally in gamey newsiness, my buddy Paul Tobia has put together some excellent videos covering various facets of Sword of the Stars II, including game setup, the strategic screen and economics and government. These are all worth watching if you wanna learn more about the game. :)

We also have a few random deals today, such as:

  • GOG is starting their massive holiday sale tomorrow, which will likely include many spacey classics.
  • Green Man Gaming has Space Pirates and Zombies for $5.00
  • Finally, GamersGate has Galaxy on Fire II HD also for $5.00

That’s it for today folks. I hope it’s a good one for y’all, and thanks for visiting and reading. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

5 thoughts on “Spacey News and Deals – 12/11/12

  1. Re: Elite Dangerous, ol’ Grim Griz (of JumpGate fame) would simply LOVE the Anaconda’s with turrets! His dream fulfilled. I really hope the game makes it. If I can afford it after Christmas, I may have to pledge to it.

  2. Lol, when someone accuses a game of having “horrid AI”, should those who haven’t been able to beat it on “normal” yet feel like the world’s biggest idiots? (Granted I only played Endless Space once…)

    1. Once is all you need, good sir. And no, from what I’ve seen and read, it throws all this unfair crap at you, like pirates and the like, no matter the difficulty.

  3. Hey Brian, congrats on improving your healing skills! Glad to see your strength and stamina replenished :)

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