Not Much Gaming, SO MUCH NEWS… – Hailing Frequencies for 9/12/17


Hey friends, welcome to Tuesday as I write this on a Monday. SO MUCH NEWSINESS dropped since my last entry that I’m writing the news/deals portion on Monday and the rest on Tuesday. Buckle up, my friends.

So, I just finished writing ALL THAT news down there, so let me tell ya about this week’s videos so far. First up is Space Rangers HD, an amazing game that hasn’t gotten enough love around here, so I plan to fix that with an extended let’s play series. In these first two videos, I try both a trader and a warrior, and find both career paths are fairly tough. This game involves a lot of dying and reloading, it seems, which is fine, as I feel like I’m learning. I can’t wait to see how far the game takes me, because there is a LOT going on here.

This week’s second video is of the recently-released-to-early-access Sunless Skies. Now, even though I own Sunless Sea, I’ve never played it because IT LOOKS TOO CREEPY. I can’t avoid it here though, so I dive in for what ends up being an odd entry. Before recording, I was playing a bit to get a feel for it, and with my crew almost dying, I decided to start a new game and then record. Well, this apparently brought on a crazy bug in which stuff that showed up on the map didn’t actually show up in the game. I had to actually restart the game, which worked, but I ran out of time before I could record more. I do plan to revisit the game to give it a better look see, but so far I’m liking what I’m seeing.

This morning we had a great chat with the folks behind Interstellar Space: Genesis, which is a really fun looking Master of Orion 2 homage. The MP3 will be up soon. Tonight, I probably will play more Serious Sam’s Bogus Journey because I began it last night, and CRAP is it fun. What a lovely little twin-stick shooter. I also hope to make more progress in LOGistICAL Hawaii, and likely do some testing of Section 8: Prejudice before Thursday’s stream.

There is so much news my friends. So much.

There are also some big sales going on. Humble has a massive sale going on with way too much for me to mention, but the big deal is Distant Worlds: Universe for what might be one of the lowest prices I’ve ever seen. Steam’s Weeklong Deals also has some fun stuff, but nothing Earth-shattering. Finally, Bundle Stars is having a Microids Mega Bundle which includes the two Haegemonia titles.

That’s it! Thanks folks!

PS. Don’t forget about our 3030 Deathwar Redux contest that’s running RIGHT NOW! Go enter dammit! ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

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