Spacey Game Deals All Around!

Tons of Space Games on Sale!

I typically don’t have time to post every sale on spacey games, but god DAMN there’s a ton of ‘em right now, so I had to chime in so y’all didn’t miss any! ;) Here goes! First off, as part of Steam’s Weeklong Sales, we have some great deals such as: Parkan 2 for $0.99!!! Seriously […]

Spacey Game News and Deals 6/6/14: Working-For-The-Weekend Edition

It's the News!

Hello my friends, and happy Friday! I’m here with both news AND deals. “Twice in one week?!”, you ask, “Surely this must be MADNESS!” But it is my friend, madness with a dash of love. I’m gonna try to do these more often (stop laughing), so here we gooooo! Limit Theory – May’s development video […]

SGJ Podcast #15: Raving about Ring Runner (and Random Randomness)

Howdy folks, and welcome to this episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! In this episode, Jim and I sit down with one of the creators of Ring Runner – Flight of the Sages, Enrique Dryere, to talk about the long road between the conception and the upcoming release of this awesome upcoming top-down Newtonian space […]

Spacing Out: For the Love of a Gamepad

I know I know, I keep harping on this gamepad stuff, but seriously, hear me out. For years, I didn’t think I needed a gamepad on the PC. I mean, I had a full HOTAS setup, and for games that didn’t use that, a mouse and keyboard were far, FAR more accurate than a gamepad, […]

Spacey Game News 5/8/13: A Spritzing of News

Haaaaaaaaaaay friends, happy hump day! We’re this much closer to the weekend, which means more games (for me, anyway)! ;) I’ve come to that point where X3: Albion Prelude is on my review list. I’ve not been a huge fan of the X games for a spell, but I’ll be giving this one a fair […]