Space Game News and Deals 4/18-22/13: The Owwie Edition

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Hellooooo everyone, and welcome to Monday! I’m off today on account of getting a tooth removed, so I’m writing part of this before I leave for my little operation. I’ll write the rest when I get back, likely on drugs, to add to the entertainment. ;) Sorry for the lack of news later last week, the week totally got away from me. That said, let’s get into some newwwwwws bitches! ;)

  • HomeworldGearbox has purchased the IP. Apparently, according to PC Gamer (and other sources, but I saw it there first), someone — and we don’t know who yet — snagged the Homeworld IP in a recent auction of THQ’s assets. Sadly, it wasn’t to the teamPixel folks who’d been trying to hard to raise the funds. Hopefully it ended up in good hands, but we don’t know yet, sadly.
  • Infinite Space 3 – There’s some new art and a combat video over on their Kickstarter page. We’re also gonna be interviewing some of the folks behind this game for this week’s podcast, so stay tuned! :)
  • Void of Darkness – A couple of updated for your reading pleasure. First, a forum update, followed by a role-playing update, which is nifty.
  • StarMade – There are some new server stability fixes and the fixing of a ghost bug.
  • ScrumbleShip – According to the dev’s Kickstarter and IndieDB pages, there will be a new launcher for the game called ScrumbleGet. This I like.
  • Ring Runner – According to a post on their Kicksarter, their lon-linear arch is nearly complete, which has me all aflutter, as I love non-linear anything. There’s also an interview with their Dryere brothers — the lead devs of the game — in The Leader, which is a good read (based on what I skimmed anyway). ;)
  • EVE Online – Loooots of stuff recently. First, from the official site blogs, there’s news of a single sign in for account management, a spotlight on EVE Backstage, and info on the client and EULA modifications. Then from The Mittani, they have articles on the burning of Jita, the death of Aeon, ten years of GARPA and an epic brawl in Ardia which resulted in the loss of ten capital ships.
  • Star Rift – Thanks to Goomich over on Steam for letting me know about this new game on Greenlight. It looks like a first/third-person space combat/trading game, and you can learn more from the official site or from the trailer, which I’ll embed after the cut.
  • Star Trek Online – There are dev blogs on Romulan ship progression and a revamp to the UI, as well as a video showing off a Legacy Pack, which I’ll embed below.
  • Icarus Ascends – The dev for this game came onto our forum to let us know about this game, which looks pretty cool. Go check it out! I’ll embed the video below.
  • Escaping Titan – Congrats to the team on their super successful Kickstarter, which brought in over 300% of its goal.
  • Infinity – Rock, Paper Shotgun has a nice article summimg up where the game is now after all this time.
  • Beyond Beyaan – There are two posts covering UI and data in the game.
  • StarDrive – According to a post on RTS Guru, the game will be available this Friday, April 26th. They also have a preview to boot. I’m working on my own preview too, so please stay tuned. :)
  • Star Conflict – The latest update to the game brings along sector conquests with it. Nifty!
  • Vendetta Online – The game has now been officially released for the iPad! One more reason I wanna get one someday! ;)
  • Star CitizenPart three of the Writer’s Guide is now up, and you can also watch a video with team member Adam Poole, which I’ll also embed below.

But wait, there’s more, we also have some deals to gawk at!!

  • GamersGate has Endless Space: The Emperor Edition for $17.48 and Galaxy on Fire II HD for $6, which is a steal.
  • You can get an EVE Online 30-Day Starter Pack on Green Man Gaming for $4.99
  • The latest Indie Royale bundle has Dawnstar amongst its games for $5.31 as the current minimum.
  • Finally, the current Indie Gala bundle has both Gimbal and Mass Effect 2 for the minimum of $5.23 as I write this.

Finally, the dev of Lex Laser Saves the Galaxy, Again asked me to pimp his game on Kickstarter, so here ya go, and you can see some lovely concept ship art by Philipp Erkinger at the Concept Ships blog.

That’s it folks, now I’m gonna go crawl into a ball and hope this pain goes away soon. ;) Have a great day!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Space Game News and Deals 4/18-22/13: The Owwie Edition

  1. My crown broke off last Friday, and just went to dentist today. Said my tooth decayed (2nd molar on upper left), and the best option is to extract it. So I’m about to experience your pain tomorrow :/

    As for Homeworld, never played it. I checked their forums a bit, and somehow fans got the word that the old games are planned to be re-released digitally? I couldn’t find a source for it anywhere, but would be nice to be able to get it via Steam or If you can find a source, let us know!

    1. Ouch, good luck! And yeah, if you look at the post on the Gearbox site, that is part of their plan.

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