Space Game News and Deals – 1/4/13

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Some News to End Your Week!

Haaaaaaaay guuuuuys, happy Friday! So sorry about missing yesterday, but it was a bit wackadoo up in here, so I’ve got a double dose of newsiness today, along with some deals. Let’s finish off the week with a bunch of fun! Wheee!

In non-gamey news, SolCommand has a new Goldminer model in progress. In deals news, only one today, and that’s Evochron Mercenary is 75% off for the next ten hours on Steam, bringing it down to $6.24, a total steal.

Thanks for reading folks, and have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Space Game News and Deals – 1/4/13

    • Brian Rubin Post authorReply

      Hahaha, hey Freelancer, welcome, and I saw that I received that. Thanks so much! :) Can’t wait to give it a whirl!

  1. Wild_Bill Reply

    Brian, did you notice that Elite: Dangerous met it’s Kickstarter goals? Hopefully there will be something to play by this time next year.

    • Brian Rubin Post authorReply

      I did, I just hope it comes to fruition.

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