Spacey Gamey Newsiness – 10/29/12

Hurricane Sandy
Eeep! Good Luck East Coast US Friends!

Hey y’all! I typically would say “happy Monday” here, but with a massive storm barrelling down on the east coast of the US here, I can only send my thoughts out to those affected. Stay safe people, and good luck weathering the worst of it, which is supposed to hit around now, actually. Ugh.

I have to keep on doin’ what I do though, and there’s a buncha stuff in spacey game news to discuss, so let’s get through it:

  • The Kickstarter for Star Citizen had an update this weekend talking about their new stretch goals, which you can red about here (though their site appears to be down as I write this).
  • The M.O.R.E. Kickstarter campaign had several updates this weekend, and was ultimately successfully funded! Yay, congrats to them!! They also had a video in there, which I’ll be embedding after the cut.
  • The Ring Runner Kickstarter campaign announced they reached their first stretch goal of space cities. They also have a new demo which includes plex power ups, among other things.
  • Remember the Kickstarter for FleetCOMM : Operation Vigrior? Welp, they’ve launched another one with a video to boot, and they explain why here.
  • In our final piece of Kickstarter related news, sadly the Nexus 2 Kickstarter wasn’t fully funded in the end. Again. Sigh.
  • The folks at Topware sent out a press release stating that the launch of Iron Sky: Earth Defense has been pushed back to November 22nd.
  • Over on the Beyond Beyaan blog, Brent has a blog post reminiscing about the development of the game.
  • Ensign-1 has been updated to include explorable gravity wells! Cool!
  • Finally, Vendetta Online has a new update which includes new rocket explosions, Android controller support and more.

That’s it for today folks. Have a great day, and again those in the path of Hurricane Sandy, best of luck to you all!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Spacey Gamey Newsiness – 10/29/12

  1. I love 4X space strategies and I wish M.O.R.E. guys all the best to finish their project, but – damn! – their 3D character models look so silly! It’s like 1995 or so CGI, sorry to say. Gosh, if only they could find a good artist who would give the game some visual charm. I mean, look at Stardrive. It’s a small neat indie project, but it looks way more cute with art like this:

    And compare it to the M.O.R.E. art:

    These guys might build a game with great mechanics but hell, they really do try to make it look unattractive.

    1. Feh, graphics don’t make a game. Have I ever told you how many hours I sunk into Stars!? ;)

      1. Heh, I do remember “Stars!” (if you mean this game and not some other :)), and graphics don’t make the game, true.
        But it certainly helps! To put it backwards: numbers only don’t make the game either! (if that was true, mathematics would be the number 1 entertainment on the planet :))

        Maybe I’m geting old or lazy, but I don’ like it when the game – probably a good one – shows me some bad graphics. It tells me that if the creators don’t have a good taste in visuals, it _might_ have some other issues as well and not really worth my time to spend.

        And I don’t mean I need billions worth cut-scenes blizzard style, no way. I just like it when the art is thought through and is consistent. Like in Endless space, for instance: there’s no mindblowing 3D eyefest there, but it looks so damn nice aesthetically, that I automatically fell in love with it from the first sight.

        1. Yeah, totally meant the game. I understand your desire for graphics, I love good graphics my own self, but still…

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