Spacey Game Deals All Around!

Tons of Space Games on Sale!
So. Many. Sales!

I typically don’t have time to post every sale on spacey games, but god DAMN there’s a ton of ’em right now, so I had to chime in so y’all didn’t miss any! ;) Here goes!

First off, as part of Steam’s Weeklong Sales, we have some great deals such as:

Not a bad lineup! Next we have two bundles from the Bundle Stars folks!

  • The Evolution Bundle includes Infinite Space III: The Sea of Stars for $3.49 right now. This is a steal on a very fun game.
  • The Reboot 8.0 Bundle includes the aforementioned Ring Runner for $1.99, so if you wanna get the other games in that bundle (and there are some great ones, like Etherlords II), that’s a great deal too.

Finally, Indie Gala’s latest Every Monday Bundle has the early access version of Exodus of Sol for $1.89 currently, which is a great deal.

So yeah, wow, happy wallet times! :) Enjoy the savings, and thanks for reading! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Spacey Game Deals All Around!

  1. Good lord! Exodus is 90% off and isn’t even out yet! I still remember how shocked I was when digital games started going for -20% off ONLY a few months after release.

    On another note, since when was Exodus going to have skirmish mode? I don’t remember that from the interview.

    1. Yeah, kinda weird it’s that much off already, but hey, if folks like it, it’ll get out there faster this way. Not sure I recall about skirmish mode, but it’d be a smart decision.

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