Spacey Game News 5/8/13: A Spritzing of News

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Haaaaaaaaaaay friends, happy hump day! We’re this much closer to the weekend, which means more games (for me, anyway)! ;) I’ve come to that point where X3: Albion Prelude is on my review list. I’ve not been a huge fan of the X games for a spell, but I’ll be giving this one a fair shake, and who knows, maybe being forced to stick with it for a spell might help endear me to it. Maybe if I approach it like Euro Truck Simulator 2 in space, I’ll have more fun with it. ;) Anyway, there’s news today, so let’s get to it!

  • Dominion – Over on their Kickstarter — which I urge you to visit — there’s a new video of combat in the game, which I’ll embed below the cut.
  • Ring Runner – According to their Kickstarter, the game’s soundtrack is now available! YAY! You can buy it on Bandcamp for $6 if you didn’t get it through Kickstarter (which I will be, can’t wait!). So far it’s really awesome. Also, they’ll be launching a new version of their website tomorrow.
  • Starlight Inception – There’s a May update incoming, but they’ve let us know through Kickstarter that they’ve opened a shop with stuff you can buy. Wheee!
  • Void of Darkness – There’s some new shots of the title screen, and a new video showing off mine launchers in the game over on IndieDB, which I’ll also embed below.
  • Beyond Beyaan – There’s some new artwork showing off the race of Nurds (I have to say, I love it. :)
  • Starsector – The dev has released several sketches of the game in progress which are fascinating to look at.
  • EVE Online – A few stories here, first from The Mittani, who have word of the latest release of Retribution, as well as news of the latest Caldari offensive. VGN24/7 has coverage of the 3,000 Rifter anniversary battle we mentioned a little while back, which looks wackadoo. The article includes video, which I’ll embed below.
  • StarDrive – There’s a new review on Polygon and…I’ll just leave it there…
  • Star Citizen – The RSI folks apparently felt the need to clarify the whole lifetime insurance thing.

Finally, the Concept Ships blog has some lovely art from CPTXIN.

That’s it for now folks. Hope y’all are having a lovely day!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Spacey Game News 5/8/13: A Spritzing of News

  1. Now – that EVE video… talk about aspirational :D That’s what I want in Dominion… BIG combat…

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