Spacey Game News and Deals 4/29/13: Back to Work!

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It’s Just Piling Up Today…

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay friends, how are you? Welcome back from the weekend, and happy Monday! I hope y’all are having a great day! I know I am because there’s just so much spacey gameyness going on! ;) Let’s dive in, shall we?

Whew, that’s a mouthful right there, but we also have deals! These include:

Then, in somewhat related news, some of the developers from the original Homeworld have launched their new RTS, Hardware: Shipbreakers, which sadly doesn’t appear to take place in space. Boo. Finally, SpaceSector has posted its latest list of the Kickstarters that made it and didn’t, which is a fun read.

That’s it for now folks. Have an awesome day!!

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2 Responses

  1. These space game updates are something I look forward to every week. Easy to read, easy to digest. No one else does this like you Brian!

    • Brian RubinBrian Rubin says:

      Hey Edward, welcome to the comments, and thanks for the kind words. I’m so glad you enjoy the posts, and hope you continue to come back and read ’em. :)

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