Spacey Games and Deals – 11/9/12

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Hey y’all, happy gorram Friday!!! Let’s get this weekend STAAAAARTEEEEED with some spacey game news and dealsies!!!! LET’S DO THIS:

  • The Kickstarter for Elite: Dangerous has finally added some visuals in the form of concept art and a video with David Braben which shows some scant footage of the game behind him. Now, while I try to stay positive on this blog as much as possible, the folks at Rock, Paper Shotgun have no such reservations, and pretty much mirror how I feel about the whole thing. :/
  • Speaking of which, the developer of the open spacey game which happens to be called Dangerous has some words about the naming of the new Elite game, his concern over the naming of the new game and the confusion it might cause with his.
  • The Kickstarter for Strike Suit Zero has announced two new tiers, the $650 tier which includes a Thurstmaster Warthog HOTAS (freaking SWEET throttle and stick), and a $300 tier which includes a headset, a mouse and a….bag? Yeah, a bag. Hope it’s an awesome bag at least. ;)
  • Over on the official Star Citizen website, they have a new Friday update with word on new stretch goals, news on physical add-ons and more.
  • Finally in the news today, in Ring Runner news, over on Kickstarter they’ve announced an AMA on Reddit with the devs to start at 3PM Pacific time today. There’s also a first look video of the game (which I’ll embed below) made by fan 5nak3 that’s totally worth checking out.

Finally, in deals news, GOG is having a sale on every Interplay game they have this weekend, because apparently the price of some will be going up soon as part of a new deal with ’em to bring more games to the site. There are a lot of amazing games in this sale, all for $2.99, such as:

Plus a lot of amazing games that aren’t spacey games, such as Sacrifice, M.A.X., Conquest of the New World, Shogo, Shattered Steel and many more. If you don’t already have a bunch of these amazing games, get ’em now!

That’s it for today! Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see y’all on Monday!

Author: Brian Rubin

10 thoughts on “Spacey Games and Deals – 11/9/12

  1. Elite: Dangerous is named so because it’s dangerous to give them your moneys. ;)

  2. Kickstarter will be the end of me. Downloading the Ring Runner alpha demo now, looks awesome. He namedrops many of my favorite games (SPAZ, Torchlight), and it looks like great fun. If the demo is fun he’s going to get some of my money!

  3. RPS commenters only filled with selfish elitists and complete pessimists, don’t ever read any of them.

    In the other side, Ring Runner alpha doesn’t work on my comp, always crashes before I could start any mission (main menu works just fine)

    1. Hey Titan, you might wanna try lowering the Planet Quality and Nebula Quality settings via the Options Menu. A likely cause of crashing during loading is running out of video memory as the backgrounds are being generated.

  4. I got it working. It’s fun, but so far not as good as SPAZ. Watching the videos of the full game, I can see the final game has the potential to be great. The demo is a heavily scripted story, you don’t get to the open part of the game yet. I gave $15 to his kickstarter, looking forward to the finished game next year!

    1. It’s not trying to be SPAZ though. :) I’ve played the demo, and it’s a good time.

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