Spacey Games and Deals – 11/9/12

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10 Responses

  1. garion333 says:

    Elite: Dangerous is named so because it’s dangerous to give them your moneys. ;)

  2. Phillip says:

    Kickstarter will be the end of me. Downloading the Ring Runner alpha demo now, looks awesome. He namedrops many of my favorite games (SPAZ, Torchlight), and it looks like great fun. If the demo is fun he’s going to get some of my money!

  3. Titan says:

    RPS commenters only filled with selfish elitists and complete pessimists, don’t ever read any of them.

    In the other side, Ring Runner alpha doesn’t work on my comp, always crashes before I could start any mission (main menu works just fine)

  4. thefrawg says:

    I got it working. It’s fun, but so far not as good as SPAZ. Watching the videos of the full game, I can see the final game has the potential to be great. The demo is a heavily scripted story, you don’t get to the open part of the game yet. I gave $15 to his kickstarter, looking forward to the finished game next year!

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