Spacey Game News 1/16/13: Light News Day!

News and Coffee
Short on One, Full of The Other. Guess Which. ;)

Hello y’all, and happy hump day! Surprisingly little amount of news today — hence the title, which I might do more of ;) — so rather than diving in and hitting our head, let’s just step in, shall we? ;)

Yup, that’s it! Light day, I know! In other news, just a few days now until my staycation, wherein I will be spending much more time with my beloved blog (and by extension, you guys) as well as getting caught up on my play queue. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. :) Anyway, have a great day y’all!


  1. That’s a pretty slick looking spaceship, isn’t it. I’m playing the Wing Commander games for the first time. The “Secret Missions” campaign for WC1 is freakin’ hard.

    Didn’t know Strike Suit Zero was coming out so soon! That game looks solidly ferocious.

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