Spacey Game News 1/29/13: All Over the Starmap

All those little dots are news stories...
Look! It’s a Star…Map…Right? ;)

Hey y’all, happy Tuesday! I hope y’all are having a lovely week so far! There’s a goodly amount of stuff to go over today from all over the place, so let’s jump in!

In somewhat-related news, the DOSBox project won SourceForge’s project of the month for January, 2013! Since I rely on DOSBox to play many of the games on my list, I know they deserve any kudos they get. Next, the Concept Ships blog is toying with the idea of hoodies. On the Broken Crown Games forum, there have been several new featured guest posts that we’re all being encouraged to read. Finally, in stuff related to gaming but not space gaming, there’s a fascinatng article from the developer of an RPG called Malevolence in which he discusses his approach to Kickstarter and how he passed 500% of his goal. Since Kickstarter has been so important to the spacey game community, I was hoping folks would find it helpful. :)

That’s it for today folks! have a great one!

Author: Brian Rubin

8 thoughts on “Spacey Game News 1/29/13: All Over the Starmap

  1. So did they fix Starshatter’s MP yet? The build I played about a month ago did not have working multiplayer (even though the retail release did – who knows what they broke :P)

    1. Hey, no idea, but then again I’ve never played SS over multiplayer. I bet that’s a bigger job than cleaning up the graphics a bit…

  2. Well, uh looks like the last time they updated it is last year.

    So I think there’s hardly any ‘significant’ progress here, outside the special effects. Besides, you know HLP always been busy with anything Freespace related.

    1. Hey, it’s a lot more stuff then when I last saw it late last year. ;)

    1. Wooowww, didn’t even know patched/modified versions of DOSBox existed. VERY cool. :)

        1. Huh, that can’t be right, I just went to it just fine and Google’s not reporting any Malware. Is there a specific program blocking it?

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