Spacey Game News 1/29/13: All Over the Starmap

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8 Responses

  1. Treelor says:

    So did they fix Starshatter’s MP yet? The build I played about a month ago did not have working multiplayer (even though the retail release did – who knows what they broke :P)

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hey, no idea, but then again I’ve never played SS over multiplayer. I bet that’s a bigger job than cleaning up the graphics a bit…

  2. Grave says:

    Well, uh looks like the last time they updated it is last year.

    So I think there’s hardly any ‘significant’ progress here, outside the special effects. Besides, you know HLP always been busy with anything Freespace related.

  3. Captain Kal says:

    DosBox is a great piece of software. And some of the patches, are very good. My favorite version is the DOSBox SVN Daum build (Direct3D with pixelshaders)( .

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