News Cannon for 12/18/14: Shouldn’t You Folks be on Steam Right Now? ;)

Hello folks, and welcome to Thursday! For the first day of the Steam Sale, I thought today would be much lighter on news, but nope, there’s a good chunk to cover. Let’s get at it! Star Conflict – A new version adds new invasion elements, more customization and a row of bug fixes. Freespace Tactics […]

News Cannon for 12/17/14: I’ll Have Catch Up with That…

Hello my friends, and welcome to Wednesday! There’s gonna be quite a bit more news than the last few days in this update becaaaaause, since I just flashed my phone with a new 3rd party ROM over the weekend, I forgot I needed to tell Feedly to send saved stories to Pocket. Therefore, when I […]

News Cannon for 12/16/14: A Dangerous Day to be a Space Game Fan ;)

Hello my friends, and happy Tuesday! Not a lot of news today, so let’s get to it! Elite: Dangerous – This is out today, and we’ll be playing it tonight on the podcast. Don’t know what this is? In the words of Nicholas Angel, “Get out!” ;) Dangerous – To confuse things a little further, […]

The News Cannon for 12/15/14: Videos and Blogs and Releases, Oh My!

News Launched! Destination: YOUR MIND

Hello my friends and happy Monday! Welcome to another shot of news across your bow! I am so hoping I can keep up with this on a daily basis! So far so good, and we’ve got some fun bits today, so let’s dive in! Astrobase Command – In their latest blog post, they talk about […]

Streaming Elite: Dangerous on 12/13/14 for Charity

Hey y’all, I was gonna stream some Elite: Dangerous tomorrow anyway! However, since the folks at Frontier are tying in folks streaming the game into a charity event for JustGiving which benefits Games Aid, I figured, why not throw my hat into the ring? Please join me on Saturday, 12/13/14, at 12 PM Pacific until…well, whenever, for […]

The News Cannon for 12/12/14: NEWS IN YO’ FACE, FOOL

Seems Appropriate

Hello my friends, and welcome to the daily news cannon! ;) This is something of an experiment, because the main reason I don’t post news more often is because there’s so much of it now, it piles up to such a degree that it would take hours to make one post covering everyhing. Well, rather […]

No Wipe for Elite: Dangerous – Guess What I’ll be Playing All Weekend? ;)

I'll Be Seeing a Lot of This...

Earlier this week (thanks Massively), it was confirmed that there WON’T be a wipe leading up to Elite: Dangerous’ launch next Tuesday. I’d shelved the game temporarily thinking there might be a wipe, but now that there won’t be? It’ll likely be all I play for a spell. ;) Join us next Tuesday night as […]