Distant Worlds: Shadow Teased!!

So over on the Matrix Games forums, Director of Product Development and Business Relations for Matrix, Erik Rutins, finally gave some info on the next Distant Worlds expansion, subtitled Shadow. The post is a bit spoilery, so I’m gonna paste it beneath a cut, but you can also head over to the forum thread to read […]

Spacey Game News and Deals – 10/30/12

Hey y’all, happy Tuesday! I hope all of our friends on the east coast of the US are okay, and that everyone affected by hurricane Sandy recovers quickly and easily. I dunno how to segue into gaming news after that, so I’ll just jump right in: The Star Citizen Kickstarter reached $750,000 last night, so […]

Spacey Gamey Newsiness – 10/29/12

Hey y’all! I typically would say “happy Monday” here, but with a massive storm barrelling down on the east coast of the US here, I can only send my thoughts out to those affected. Stay safe people, and good luck weathering the worst of it, which is supposed to hit around now, actually. Ugh. I […]

Let’s Play Rules of Engagement 2 – Entry 2 – Wow, I’m Awful! ;)

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series: Rules of Engagement 2 Review

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Rules of Engagement 2 ReviewSo y’all might recall that my last bout with Rules of Engagement 2 was something less than a success, so watch as I return to claim vengeance upon my enemies, armed with new tactics and ideas! Also watch me curse a bit […]

Space Game News and Deals – 10/26/12

Hey y’all, happy Friday! The weekend is here, yay, and let me tell you, I plan to play a goodly amount of games to make up for the disasterbasket that was last weekend. As for newsies and dealsies, let’s jump in the deep end, shall we? The folks at Rock, Paper Shotgun have a VERY […]

Spacey News and Deals – 10/25/12

Hey y’all, happy Thursday! There’s a lot to cover today, so I’m just gonna jump right in: First off, early this morning, Star Citizen reached its funding goal of $2 million from combined on-site and Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns. There’s a note from Chris Roberts himself on Kickstarter discussing the milestone of Kickstarter reaching its funding goal so quickly, […]

Help Me Not Be An Idiot: Come Up with Questions for Chris Roberts

Edit: Alright, the questions have been sent, I chose which I thought would get the deepest answers, so please don’t be upset if I didn’t choose yours. :) Thanks! So today the PR person helping with Star Citizen sent out an announcement regarding the Kickstarter campaign passing their goal, and in that email, he said he […]

Spacey Gamey Newsiness – 10/24/12

Haaaayyyy y’all, happy hump day! I hope y’all are having a lovely day so far, and to add to that, here’s some spacey news stuffness for y’all to enjoy! There are two big news stories of the day, as far as I’m concerned. The first big news is that the Star Citizen Kickstarter blew past […]